Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! (Reading the Bible)

The snow on Christmas day at my parent's house in AL
 I kept thinking the whole time of that wonderful Frost poem
"Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening."
May your new year be filled with much beauty!
Oh, sing to the LORD a new song!For He has done marvelous things!
Ps. 98:1
And if you're in need of a suggestion (or 2) for your resolutions today, how 'bout a good (and free) Bible reading plan? From reminders to challenges, there really is something for everyone!
** has a great chart offering a beginning to end plan, a chronological plan, an historical plan, and NT/OT and OT/NT plans in almost every version of the Bible.
**Bible Gateway offers the service of emailing you your reading for each day (very helpful!)
And as I mentioned last year
**the One-Year Bible (offering both straight through and chronological readings), 
**reading the Bible in 180 days, and 
are all great options!
Happy New Year!
Happy Scripture reading!


  1. Happy New Year to you. May 2011 be full of blessings.

  2. For the first time in my life, I made the decision to read the Bible through in a year. I haven't quite finished, but I'm delighted with how well I have done. I love the way I feel when I've been close to God!

  3. I think one of the mistakes we may make in Bible reading is trying to read it like we'd read other books - starting at the beginning and straight through. It has been suggested that starting in the new testament book of John is the best place, followed by Romans and then alternating back and forth between old and new testaments. It has worked better for me because I always got bogged down in Leviticus with the Jewish sacrificial system. You may want to try this approach. May God bless your efforts.