Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top Ten Holiday Sides

It's a wonderful time of year to make messes in the kitchen! Today I'm thinking about the sides that I want to serve with the several holiday meals I'm in charge of. Here are the contenders:
1. Sweet Potato Casserole--Who can resist a sweet vegetable mixed with brown sugar and butter? Too bad no one else in my family likes it!
2. Corn Pudding--Another sweet one, and yes, this is one of those ultimate comfort foods!
3. Grits Casserole--I've already mentioned on Of Such is the Kingdom that I love grits casserole. With sausage, it's a main dish. Without sausage, it's an extravagant side. Go ahead, serve grits for dinner!
4. Rolls--this is an easy go-to recipe, and really doesn't take that much time away from family in the pre-dinner hours. And I have yet to mess this recipe up, which is saying something for someone who has made spaghetti sauce with cinnamon (it was an accident!) and 6 loaves of bread at one time that taste something similar to dirt covered rocks (I kid you not. I threw them all away; it was very sad.)
5. Green bean casserole--I usually leave this one out because I love good old buttery, salty green beans so much, (and because cream does funny things to my insides) but the hubby loves this dish very much, and I think I'll give it a go this year. (Note: I like this recipe for the insides of the casserole, but you have to put French-fried onions on top, don't you think?)
6. Baked apples--The pic of the plate above from 2 Christmases ago has baked apples on it, but I think the ones in the link are much prettier! Imagine a beautiful whole red apple on a pretty plate beside each meal!
7. Broccoli rice casserole--This is another cream de la cream recipe that my tummy just can't handle, but it is a crowd pleaser and very easy!
8. Cold vegetable salad--I prefer everything to be warm on my holiday plates, but if you're looking for a good cold salad for the holidays, try this one! It sounds like a great mix of plain veggies with a flair!
9. Spinach casserole--Okay, I know my kids wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole, but I love spinach, and it sounds yummy!
10. I'm going to cheat with this one and put a list of the less spectacular, but equally yummy favorites: mashed potatoes, garlic and steamed broccoli, macaroni and cheese, orange glazed carrots, and just about any kind of garden veggie steamed and served up hot.
Can you tell I love side dishes?
Happy eating this holiday! (Oh, and come back next week for a list of my favorite savory appetizers to bring to all those parties I know you're attending!)
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  1. I have the SAME issue with the sweet potato casserole! It's sweet and soooo yummy! I keep telling the kids, if they would just try a little bit, they would love it. One of my boys, at Thanksgiving, told me it looked like puke:) Well, no one wanted to try it them. Good luck, I am hosting a big Christmas dinner also, but luckily I am only making the main course!

  2. Yum! The corn pudding and sweet potato casserole look wonderful!

  3. M'mmmm. These posts make me so hungry!

  4. Yum, they all sound great to me! Thanks for sharing w/ the hearth and soul hop (formerly Two for Tuesday...no longer) :)

  5. thanks for sharing I will be coming back to this when planning my next get together