Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Gifts for the Kids

 There are SO MANY gifts swimming around out there on the internet! I really could not even begin to scratch the surface if I was going to look through them all to find gifts for the kiddos. Are you having some of the same trouble? Probably most of you are completely on the ball and already have your children's presents wrapped and under the tree, but if you're still looking for a suggestion or two, here are the things the kiddos might be getting for Christmas. (In other words, these are the things I have told the grandparents about!)
I looked and looked at these handheld Leapfrog games. I considered the Didj, but it seems a tiny bit advanced for the two kiddos who rarely even play games on the computer (not because they don't want to but because they have an ogre of a mother who forgets that such things exist most of the time!). I chose the Leapster because with an age span of 4-10, it includes both of my kiddos, so they can share games. I think it looks slightly more kiddish than the more modern video-game savvy Didj.
And then there is a gift that I sent over to my dad (wonderful man!) that I am almost excited about as the kids will be. Who wouldn't be excited about a Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle in red? This is something in between the Power Wheels and the full fledge ATV. It will hold up to 120 pounds and go up to 10 mph, but it has many safety features and a lock that will keep it at 4mph until the kids are sure of themselves with the machine. The oldest got a Power Wheels jeep for her 3rd birthday (I think it was the 3rd) and she and the boy wore two sets of tires out on it before we finally retired it completely. They are going to LOVE this gift!!

The youngest is all about Snow White right now, so this Snow White Play Tent is going to rock her world. I can't wait to see her eyes when it pops up right before her and she can really BE Snow White!

The oldest is loving her Looks Like Me American Girl Doll, but the Christmas will revolutionize her American Girl Doll play! I happen to know from a reliable source that the creator of some wonderful smocked doll dresses is also creating a treasure box full of both period dresses and modern clothes for the oldest's current doll, and perhaps there will even be another doll to share the clothes! (And maybe her momma will get to play with her!)
So all in all, the kiddos are going to get some really fun toys this Christmas that their mother they will be so excited to play with! Thinking about their faces when they see some of these gifts (and for that matter, the grandparents' faces when they give them!) really makes my Monday!
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  1. I know, I get so excited about what the kids are getting too! =D Looks like your kids have no idea what fun awaits them! :)

  2. Seriously, my husband believes (rightly) that I am more excited about the kids' presents than they might be!

    Knowing their excitement will match yours Makes My Monday!

    Thank you so much for playing along!

  3. Can't wait for the day when your kids start reading your blog! Sounds like great ideas for Christmas! What are YOU getting them? I love love love watching my kids open their gifts, I am already anticipating their reactions to some of them. I DON'T like hearing, "I want that for my birthday," ALL. YEAR. LONG. But today I was encouraged as we were driving I heard C and S telling each other that Christmas isn't about the presents and Santa, but about Jesus' birthday. to a weary mother's ears!