Monday, December 6, 2010

Caution: Christmas Can Be Dangerous!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 
John 14:18
Let's say that you're like me (just for the sake of explaining my title), and you have been buying gifts and decorating your house and baking for Christmas. Along with those joyful outward expressions of Christmas, you've been praying that God would open your heart and give you a true Christmas attitude--that same attitude explained in Phil. 2--an attitude that brought our Savior down from heaven into a manger.
Well, then take yourself to Sunday School one Sunday morning and listen to a man named Pierre talk about the orphanage in Haiti that he directs. And he says things like this:
*As many as 80 children a month are offered up by their parents to the orphanage, and because of the constraints of money and space have to be turned away.
*Haiti is a country dedicated to Satan, where human sacrifice is an accepted form of worship.
*Children have been found in and rescued from (by Pierre's orphanage) the trash heap.
*Most Haitians eat 3-4 meals a week.
*Pierre's orphanage takes care of 74 children right now and only 6 have adoptions in the works.
And really, that heart that you opened for the Christ child begins to break and leave you with an ache that says, "We must do something!"
So, yes, Christmas is a dangerous time! If you open up your heart for the Christ child, who knows what might be asked of you! But I timidly, hesitantly, and humbly ask you, indeed beg you, to try it. And may God bless you with a true Christmas spirit!
Here's a video about this orphanage and its ministry.
My favorite quote from this video is, "It was exactly what I wanted; it was chaos and it was dangerous!" Isn't this so true about many of the Kingdom ministries!
Merry Christmas!


  1. we watched a video the other day at church that was very touching as well

  2. Very moving. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Amazing. Thank God for all the awareness on the increase in Haiti...and for your commitment to help!

    Thank you so much for playing along with Makes My Monday, Sweet Lady!

  4. Is it even possible to watch this and NOT dream of going there myself? Of bringing these faces into my home? Of praying that God will let me be a part of thsi thing He is building in Haiti? Thanks for that glimpse, Liv. Beautiful.