Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 Top Savory Appetizers

It seems like I need at least three or four good appetizer recipes every Christmas season. I haven't yet found THE recipe that I bring to every party, but I have found some really good ones. Here are some that I've made, some that I've tasted (yum!), and some that I would like to make this year.
1. Bacon wrapped dates: If you've never tasted this, you might think like I did that it doesn't sound so good, but knowing that bacon wrapped around just about anything would be yummy, I gave it a try. It's not just yummy; it's amazing! The ones I tried do not have cheese, but the recipe I linked to does--and that might be even better!
2. Taco dip: This is the hubby's absolute favorite. Sometimes we've had it with taco meat as the bottom layer as well. Serve this with your favorite corn chips, and you definitely have happy party-goers! (And just for added goodness, how 'bout some guacamole to go with it?)
3. I love this recipe for mini reuben sandwiches! Again, it's something I want to try for dinner, but it would make a great party dish.
4. I'll probably be making something similar to these ham and cheese sandwiches for our party this weekend. This is not the most adventurous of recipes, but sometimes the hostess has to do the responsible thing and think about filling guests' tummies!
5. If you're not going to do chips and dips, these taco sandwiches are a good alternative packing a taco-sized punch in one little bite!
6. I don't know if I'll get to this one for parties this season, but I can't wait to try this Cheesy Ham Braid! It would make a great appetizer (beautiful, tasty, and filling) or a fun dinner.
7. These Potato Skins another one that meets the tasty, beautiful, and filling requirements.
8. This is one that I do get asked to bring again and again! Be careful! Hot crackers are very addictive. I got the recipe from my aunt:
5 sleeves regular saltine crackers
1 cup canola oil
Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (1 pouch)
1 T-1/4 cup crushed red pepper flakes (I've tried the 1/4 cup, and they are HOT! I usually go for around 2 T!)
Mix oil, dressing mix, and pepper. Place crackers vertically in a tupperware container and pour oil mix over them. Let them sit for at least 5 hours. 
9. These tomatoes and mozzarella sound like a simple yet elegant (can an appetizer be both?) party dish. I know I love tomatoes and mozzarella pie, so I would serve these next to some kind of delicate pastry or cracker.
10. It looks like these Spinach Appetizers  have a similar feel to the sausage ball. The hubby would scoff at trading spinach for sausage balls, but I would like to try them!
Merry Christmas, and may all your parties be cheerful and all of your appetizers well eaten!
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  1. Thanks for the tasty ideas! I want to try the bacon wrapped dates! YUM! :)

  2. Those Reuben sandwiches are making my mouth water!

  3. Oh boy, I am always so happy to see your top ten lists :) So many great ideas every time. You've got me wanting a mini reuben! Thanks for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop.

  4. For the hot crackers -- what do you mean vertically in a tupperware container? (lacking spacial orientation right now). You don't bake them? You just soak them for a long time?

  5. Dips, sandwiches, things wrapped with bacon!! I don't know what to click on first!! Thanks for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop.