Thursday, November 4, 2010

Playing With Ice Cream

The boy's kindergarten (*tutorial) class uses an ice cream rewards system for reading. Each time they finish an Abeka book, they get a "scoop" for their cone. When their cone has 20 scoops, they get a token for a free ice cream at a local shop. Using this ice cream theme and the fact that the boy is now nearly mastering short vowel sounds, we came up with a very frugal ice cream matching game.
It was a hit. 
His puzzle-loving, methodical brain really loves to use new skills in this way. 
I'm working on a long vowel set of cones and this time I'm using these worksheets (there are short vowel ones there too) instead of my own drawings and handwriting. Just print, cut out the picture and the word, glue the picture on the cone/scoop and the word on the other part, and match away! 
For a spin on this game you could use word families to make multiple scoop cones. Write a common word ending on the cone (like "air") and then provide scoops with "h" and "ch" and "f" and "p" that can be stacked on top. Then read the words "hair," "chair," etc.
Here are a few other cool games if learning short and long vowels are in your homeschool agenda.
*The big kids go to a homeschool tutorial four days a week, three hours a day. The boy's kindergarten class works mainly on reading and the oldest's second grade class has handwriting, spelling, grammar, math, literature, and history. On Wednesdays we spend the day at home doing their tutorial homework and do other homeschool work.

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  1. This is an awesome idea, as usual! =D

  2. What great helps and ways to learn! Thanks for sharing. Would be good for any kid learning or needing help in these areas.

  3. What a great idea!! Maybe I should try this out with my 6 year old.