Monday, October 11, 2010

Potty Training

We are on week seven, and folks, I still have my sanity. We have made it through three extended shopping trips, tee-tee covering almost every square foot of our house, and two complete cans of Lysol. I even made it through the trainee peeing on our new couch. But this past week there was only one accident a day and she came to me to tell me she had to potty! Hallelujah!
She's a mess, I tell you! 
She is the sweetest, most wonderful thing almost all the time. Even when she has an accident, it doesn't disturb her in the least. She looks at me compassionately as I nearly hyperventilate, and pats me on the shoulder as I scrub the floor. If I yell (ahem, I said "if") she listens well, and while I'm putting on the new pair of panties, she says, "Don't tee tee on these!"
If her red-haired temper is ever triggered, then she lets loose with a siren that could call the neighbors up the street!  But most of the time, like I said, she is the sweetest thing.
She loves to dress up, to be silly, to copy her siblings. She's great at knock-knock jokes and doctoring daddy. She loves babies and books and puzzles and her "fo wheeduh" (four wheeler). The cutest thing she says is "Feeps" and I just can't bring myself to correct her yet. I love it when she says, "Don't put your feeps on the pable," (She's good with rules too!) or "My feeps are told." (Don't put your feet on the table and My feet are cold.) 
 Yes, this little one Makes My Monday
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  1. You're a stronger woman than I. Potty-training is some sort of cosmic revenge for something bad I've done.

  2. It was such a crazy time potty training my kids. Remember, this will only last for a while. You'll get through this as well. She won't be 16 tinkling on your couch. =)


  3. Just remember - One day they all get it. :) Just don't give up and you both will succeed...and we've all had to clean up a little pee off the couch. :) well those of us who have kids anyway.

  4. Feeps! How adorable! I'll clink my wine glass with yours in a toast to the potty training blues. Cheers!

  5. Could she be any cuter??
    I can imagine you beaming as you wrote this!