Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fashion Tuesday

As I mentioned yesterday, I am participating in Fall Fashion Week over at Moms Are For Everyone, which means that instead your normal Of Such is the Kingdom programming (hee, hee) you are going to get what I'm wearing and doing this week. (Back to normal programming next week!)
Today is a little more laid back than yesterday, so my main outfit has to do for picking up the house, blogging, and lounging. Oh, and it's my turn to drive the carpool, so I pick up the neighbor child, drop off my youngest at a friend's house, and take the big kids and the neighbor to school.
Outfit #1 Tuesday
photography by the oldest
And no, I didn't dry my hair or do anything to it actually. The t-shirt (same one I wore in my "Me" picture on the right) and the sweater are from The Limited and the skirt is my most favorite ever and it's from Walmart. You can't see 'em, but I'm wearing my green Chacos.This outfit is great because, if I needed to run a more professional type errand, it could immediately become professional.
Outfit #2 Tuesday
photography by the oldest
Just change those Chacos for some Rack Room boots and button of the sweater, and this outfit could pretty much go anywhere and do anything. That means it's definitely my kind of outfit!
I didn't end up needing the professional outfit today (the errand I was hoping to do will have to wait 'til another day). Instead I had tea and a short walk with a friend. At 12 I'll pick up the boy and the neighbor, deliver the neighbor to his house and pick up the youngest, and come home for rest and nap. The oldest will be spending the early afternoon with the girls in her class celebrating one of their birthdays.
Outfit #3 Tuesday
photography by a friend; thanks, friend!

I teach ballet at 3pm on Tuesdays, so this is outfit #3 for today. I'll change back into outfit #1 for cooking our homemade pizza for dinner. 
Oh, and the big kiddos wanted to get in on today's action, so here are their ensembles:
That's pretty much the clothes that the boy lives in, and the girl was surprisingly willing to put on both the skirt and the boots that I suggested (gasp!). This is my favorite of her skirts; I really wish I could wear it.
So there you have it; Tuesday's fashion!


  1. You look great. I love the little red sweater. Perfect for dressing up an outfit.

  2. It's so great when an outfit can be comfy and then go professional when needed. You pull this off really well!!

  3. All your outfits are all gorgeous!

    ♥/Bevin @ All is Bright

  4. That cardigan is awesome. I'm loving ruffles right now.

  5. That red sweater is so cute! And I love your hair, I wish mine looked that great without doing anything to it!

  6. I'm totally in love with your sweater! And your pictures are so natural and BEAUTIFUL.

    To answer your question, No. I wore the red and black dress yesterday. If you saw me right now, you'd see me wearing what I'm posting tomorrow.

    See how I make it a little complicated? ;)

  7. What a beautiful sweater - gorgeous red color!

  8. Isn't it fun to be a girl? I love picking out clothes and accessories.

    You look lovely in the pictures. Good job! You are quite the mommy...ballet teacher and blogging friend. (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  9. So pretty! I love all your outfits! And your hair looks great!

  10. I too am in love with the first outfit...I am about to do my monthly shopping -- I need to get some boots, skirts and sweaters like that! Love that the kids are joining in too!