Monday, October 18, 2010

Chex Mix Party

I was privileged to host a Chex Mix "Game Day" party!
My GetTogether and General Mills sent me three bags of Chex Mix (including their new chocolate kind and their new honey nut kind; yum!), plates, napkins, a bowl, and coupons so that I could treat my friends. Here's what we ended up doing:
And it was so fun!
Along with our Chex Mix, we had sausage and bean soup (something like this), pumpkin muffins, a yummy feta-craisin salad, and chocolate drop cookies.
Thanks General Mills, My GetTogether, and Chex Mix for this great party!
And, of course, thank to my wonderful friends for allowing to me to share! 
If you love Chex Mix, head over to their Facebook page, and if you REALLY love Chex Mix, enter their Sweepstakes to win! Five people will win a year's worth of Chex Mix, and one of those people will also win $10,000! (If you win, I think it's only fair that you share some with me, since you heard it here first. Just sayin'!)

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