Friday, September 24, 2010

Trip Date

When I explained to my oldest (6yo) what my hubby and I were doing this weekend, she said, "Oh, a trip date!" I like that term! Our anniversary was last week and today we are headed to Atlanta for a weekend in the city.
I have a great (okay, GREAT) love for planning. So when the hubby turns a trip over to me, I tend to go nuts, even if it is just two nights. This time all the deals lined up to give us a wonderful trip for very little.
First of all, I found a deal with Adility (a Groupon-type coupon club) for an amazing amount of deals with a nice Atlanta hotel. One free night, five 50% off nights, one 50% off meal in their restaurant and 6 bogos in their restaurant all equaled just $22. Amazing! Unfortunately they have a limit for how many free coupons can be used in one weekend, and this weekend was already filled with the free ones, but I used two 50% off coupons and the total for two nights in a hotel with free (order your own) breakfasts and free "manager's drinks" from 5-7 every evening for (drum roll, please) $104.00. We will use our 50% coupon for the restaurant for one evening's meal.
Then of course, we need to try some other Atlanta restaurants, so next I headed over to to pick a few. I spent a total of $4, and we will spend another $35 on top of that for some fantastic eating in Atlanta.
We had picked a few museums to try out on Saturday and I was prepared to pay the full $15 per ticket for those, but today I found out that each US family can reserve free tickets for one Smithsonian museum on Saturday (Sept. 25)! Woo hoo! We now have absolutely free tickets for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta (would've been $38 for both of us to go!)
We will also go to the Atlanta History Center--which is a great fit for us because it has 33 acres of history. We love history and we love to walk!

So here are the totals:
Eating in really nice restaurants: About $65 Saved: $35
Two Atlanta museums: $30 Saved: $38
Two nights in a hotel, breakfasts, and drinks: $104 Saved: $104
Total for the weekend: About $200
Total saved: About $180!

And another thanks to my mom who is staying with the kiddos (for free!)Thanks Mom!
It is great for us to get away for the weekend--we'll build our marriage and come back to our kiddos refreshed! And it also feels great that we're not breaking the bank to do it.

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  1. Yes, you are indeed richly blessed with willing and helpful (and nearby), grandparents! And you are also blessed with a great mind! Have a fun time!

  2. I've never heard of Adility. I'll have to give it a try! And who doesn't like to save money? Great ideas! Found you on funtocraft

  3. Hope you have a WONDERFUL time!

  4. Wow, I will have to check out those sites sometime when we need a weekend away for cheap! That is awesome! Hope you enjoy your time alone with your husband! I am very anxious for some date nights with mine when we go home for my sisters wedding...

  5. Way to save!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!