Monday, September 6, 2010

Here's Proof

Here's proof that I didn't burn the cookie cake that I mentioned in the previous post but that I instead hideously murdered it with icing. "Happy Birthday," or "Hoppy" to be exact, might have come out semi-decently if I hadn't spilled the icing out of the bag I was using to squeeze it onto the cake.
And, just in case you think the cookie cake fun ends there, take a look below.
Nope, I didn't burn the cookie, but nonetheless I did fill our house with a lovely smell of cookie smoke. Because, of course, the cookie ran over the edges of the pan and caught fire on the bottom of the oven that used to be so clean.
This is a post to prove that I should not be allowed to bake cookies in the form of a cake (who came up with that anyway?; it's weird and unnatural!) and that I should never (never!) be allowed to try to decorate anything with icing ever again. I'll let Publix and other such respectable establishments handle it from now on!
Whew! I feel much better after confessing all that. Now I can take that hideous cookie cake to Qdoba and listen to our friends say, "It doesn't matter how it looks..." and I might even be able to laugh at myself (a little).
Linked to Monday Messes. (Though I kind of hope nobody really ever reads this post!)


  1. I say that as long as it tastes good...who cares! Yeah for cookie :)

  2. You took a PICTURE of it on fire?! LOL! Well, that cake looks pretty yummy to me, and I've never been any good at writing with icing either. =D And the bread looks delicious. Good job!

  3. That seems like something that would happen to me! I am better now, but I used to be such a novice in the kitchen! When I was first married, first home, I once put normal dishsoap in the dishwasher...what a HUGE though clean mess!!!

  4. HA! I didn't know it caught on fire in the oven! Y'all reading this blog -- you would never know this cookie cake brought so much drama to the household if she didn't blog it. The cookie looked good, and tasted great! Happy bday to the man of the house!

  5. I bought two inexpensive oven liners. Makes clean up so much easier. The cookie looks awesome.

  6. Baking is too, too scary for words! Glad you all survived what shall from here forward be known as the cookie-cake incident of 2010.