Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eleventh Grade

I don't know how it worked in everyone else's high school, but in our humble CCHS, the juniors planned the junior-senior prom in honor of the seniors. I was on the planning committee, and it was my idea to use the simple elegance of roses as our decoration theme. We juniors cajoled a local florist to give us a steal of a deal on an appalling number of roses with which to decorate the room where we held the prom. If I remember correctly, there were tables on each side of an aisle when you walked in. This aisle led to an open place in front of a stage where we could dance the night away. We planned and scheduled and decorated and finally it was THE night.
A friend of mine convinced me to go to a salon with her as she got her hair fixed. I opted on just getting my makeup done there. Unfortunately, that left me with very little time for my hair when I got home. (As you can see.) It didn't matter. Nothing could spoil my night.

My eleventh grade year was the only year I had boyfriends. There were two of them. One asked me out on and off until a few weeks before prom. When he stopped talking to me, I gave him back the class ring and hoped that someone else would notice that I was single. And yes, that someone else had a name. He was a senior, and his name was Jason. He did notice, and he did ask, and I had my prom date of my eleventh grade dreams.
It was a good night. Prom King and Queen were chosen based on who was "having the most fun," and I remember that a friend of mine decided she would have the most fun, did, and won the Queen's crown. I danced most of the dances with my Jason, and reveled in the simple, elegant, romantic decorations. It was definitely a night to remember!
This post is in conjunction with a history-recording summer-long party over at Mommy's Piggy Tales. We're writing about one memory from a particular year of our lives each Thursday until September 16. Here is my walk down memory lane so far:
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Memory lane is definitely a place I love that brings me great joy! 
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  1. What a lovely thing to remember. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stop by again anytime ;)

    Blessings and Happy Holiday Weekend.

    Long Wait For Isabella

  2. How fun! We didn't have a junior prom, just the senior one (which I write about next week!). I would've loved to been on the decoratin/planning committee but our school government dealt with that- which I wasn't popular enough to be a part of. Unfortunately some of the dances had awful themes!! We only had the 2 formal school-wide dances each year- Turn-Around dance (girls ask boys) and Homecoming. Then ROTC had there thing, but you had to know someone to go with, and seniors had the prom- again a senior had to buy your ticket and take you. But I loved any chance to dress up!
    What a good way to choose queen and king! Ours was basically a popularity contest- though we never did it for prom- just for homecoming.

  3. Great memory and I love the color of the dress! Very pretty!

  4. I still think simple is best! Decorating with roses was a wonderful idea! What wonderful memories.

  5. Ahhhh...junior prom! I hadn't thought about junior prom in a long time. Glad you had a good time at yours - thanks for reminding me of mine!

  6. you are the color of the dress and you look so nice...

  7. a very sweet memory. Glad you had the date of your dreams

  8. We did the same thing at our high school. I remember well the year I was a junior and we planned the prom. It was a lot of fun.

  9. Great picture! I always love looking at prom photos (old & new). It's great to see the variety of fashions!

    Thanks for linking up last week for Friday Favorites!