Monday, September 27, 2010

Anniversary Trip Dates

As I said on Friday, the hubby and I spent the weekend in Atlanta enjoying a little anniversary getaway. We have tried to do this every year, and if we had a "bucket list" doing this every single year of our marriage would be on it! During our anniversary time this year, we went back and recalled each time.
#1. A small cabin in the mountains for two nights: hiking, quaint town
#2. To the beach for a few nights; I was very pregnant with the oldest.
#3. To Hannibal, MO the "Mark Twain town:" we visited the cave he wrote about in Tom Sawyer and took a dinner cruise down the Mississippi River.
#4. To a graveyard down the street from our old house: Our boy was 3 days old and the graveyard had a beautiful view of the mountains. We left the toddler and the baby with my mom and took a tiny two hour getaway.
#5. To Kansas City, MO for a city date: we saw fountains and went to dinner and a movie. We visited some gardens on the way home.
#6. To Six Flags! This was a very fun little trip. Two nights in a hotel, one dinner out, and a whole day to act like kids in a theme park made for a great "trip date."
#7. A bed and breakfast on our way to a family get together. My parents had the two big kids and the youngest, who was with us,  was 2 months old.
#8. A family member's cabin on a river: very peaceful and restful!
#9. This weekend's ATL getaway: I planned well, but as Proverbs says, "A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps." We didn't end up using either of the vouchers ($4 wasted) but we did use a bogo for the History Center that I didn't know I had and we ate bogo at a sandwich shop for lunch on Saturday. The Art Museum was full, so we couldn't use our free tickets there, but we did get over to Ikea to walk through and wonder! There were several extra freebies that we weren't expecting: free massages in the motel lobby, and a free appetizer and dessert at Maggiano's Italian, where we chose to eat for dinner on Saturday. The chef sent out a free mini appetizer because we had never been to Maggiano's before and he sent out a free mini dessert when he heard that we were celebrating our 9th anniversary. All told we came out at about $260 for the weekend, but that counts tips for free things and gas that I forgot to figure in on Friday. (The pic is the view from our hotel room!)
I have to make a confession about these trips, though. It wasn't until about #6 that we were able to really enjoy them. This is for many reasons and almost all of them are totally my fault. I assumed when we got married that the only romantic getaway was one that the husband planned and surprised the wife with. Well, the hubby is not a planner. He tried with each trip to please me, and every trip (up to #5) I found something to be disappointed by--either he didn't plan well enough or plans fell through or my expectations were not met in some other way. Don't get me wrong! Every trip was wonderful anyway, but somehow my skewed sense of the way things were to go got in the way every time. I really don't know what exactly happened to help me get over this (mostly) but I do know that it was very much a Holy Spirit thing! We wives tend to make it very hard for our hubbies to win sometimes, don't we?
Here's to anniversary trips everywhere! May you all have a trip date this year!
Our trip date this past weekend definitely Makes My Monday.


  1. Happy anniversary. Your words about planning really hit home. Thanks

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both- Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself!

  3. Great post...thanks for sharing! We manage to get away every year and it is a blessing!
    Becky Jane

  4. Hi Olivia, happy anniversary! I hear you on the enjoying time alone without the kids. My hubby and I are going to celebrate our 23rd anniversary with a short trip leaving our two teens at home for the first time. Focusing on their usually wonderful behavior and good upbringing as my way to relax and know all will go well! :) Alex@amoderatelife

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful (and fairly reasonable!) time! Happy Anniversary. :)

    Love long-lived is most assuredly a Monday Maker. Thank you so much for playing along!

  6. Wow! I'm just impressed that y'all have been able to go away every year! That's amazing!