Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your Kids Are Going to Want to See This

Have you seen this video yet? My hubby (master of all the current internet fads) showed it to me last week, and I thought it was worth posting. Does your child spend hours setting up intricate tracks or pushing cars around on the floor? This video shows a few grown men who spent three days and over 60 takes getting this video just right. And really, it's just a lot of play! Maybe it will inspire you to help your child turn their room into something magical today!
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  1. Ha!! That is seriously cool!!!


  2. Oh yeah, I saw that when it was first out. I couldn't believe I saw it before my husband! He loves the OK Go's videos, they just do some fun stuff, don't they?! Have you seen their treadmill one?

  3. I had to show my sons this. They thought it was really cool. What an imagination those guys have!