Monday, August 2, 2010

Old Recipes (Still Partying!)

edited 9:45pm 8/2/10
Folks, we have a winner! just chose Almost Crazy Coupon Lady for a little door prize of some cookie cutters. Come back tomorrow for more partying!

Of Such is the Kingdom has been a place to post fun recipes since its very conception (he he). Here are the first three recipes ever posted here, and in the party spirit, the kiddos and I will be re-visiting these recipes this week during our lunches.
Check out these crocodile dogs! I remember thinking that it was loooong shot that my kids would actually eat them, even if they did think they were super cool. But guess what, they did! And they liked them. Other than a little green food coloring, this is just ramen noodles, hotdogs, and a stem of broccoli.

And here you have some ham and cheese biscuits. Making them round would have been boring, so the kiddos helped me make shapes. They ate these too. It's amazing what a little cooking will do for your child's appetite!

Of course, of the first three recipes ever posted on Of Such is the Kingdom, peanut butter play dough is the favorite! It really doesn't get much better than play dough that you can eat! We could have used our cookie cutters here too, but we opted for some three dimensional art. I gave the kiddos raisins and marshmallows and pretzels to decorate their play dough with and then they ate it! Yum! The great thing about this is, with powdered milk and peanut butter and honey, the whole play dough experience could count as lunch!

Remember that here at Of Such is the Kingdom, we are celebrating a FIRST BIRTHDAY!! Every day I'll be choosing a commenter (who is also a follower) to win a small prize, and on August 14th, I'll tally up all who have commented for the entire two weeks and pick 10 winners for gift cards. Woo hoo! It's really party time!
For commenting today, I'd love to know how you use cookie cutters around your place and/or what other recipes you've tried from Of Such is the Kingdom. I'll be looking forward to picking a winner at 9pm tonight. As always, you can comment extra times if you facebook, twitter, or blog about this party.
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  1. Your ham and cheese shapes sure caught my eye! My kids enjoy shapes...just this morning my daughter, TThanks, Becky Jane
    Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH! atty, fixed me a fish shaped pancake!

  2. I like to sue cookie cutters to make sandwiches for themed parties and then of course...for cookies

    almostcrazycouponlady at gmail dot com

  3. I don't use cookie cutters AT ALL. Isn't that so sad??? I remember LOVING making Christmas cut out cookies as a kid.
    Lisa did try to convince me to buy a biscuit cutter at the thrift store the other day... but 1. ewww
    2. I have NO idea how to make biscuits, so what would I do with a cutter??

  4. What a great idea for encouraging kids to eat their vegs (part of a balanced swamp diet)! I don't usually suggest playing with the food, but you're right that "it is amazing what a little cooking will do for your child's appetite." Can I borrow some of your ideas (linked back, of course) for my blog?

  5. Happy Birthday! You are so creative!

  6. Peanut butter play dough? OMIGOSH! Am absolutely going to jump on that one! :)

    Your spirit of recipes shared Makes My Monday!
    Thank you so much for playing along.

  7. I got the cookie cutters today. They are adorable. There is a cowboy hat, cowboy boot, palm tree, moon, and pumpkin. We will have lots of fun creating little masterpieces with our new cutters!