Friday, August 27, 2010

Lots of Fun Enjoyed This Week

We've had a lot fun this week, but I've also noticed a certain restlessness in the kids. It finally dawned on me that everyone else has started school, and though I was planning to wait until their tutorial starts, the kids are really ready to start now. So I declared today our last official day of summer! Monday we will start with a review that will carry us until September 9th when they start their 3-hour-a-day, 4-day-a-week tutorial. After that we will just be working on homework and extra-curricular at home.
Earlier this week I made a kitchen discovery (one that I'm sure many moms have made before me). The kiddos love for me to change up how they eat their food. They could eat sandwiches every day, but they'd rather have them in a fun way. This week we tried them as peanut butter and honey "nibbles." Lo, and behold, it was if I'd put before them a new and rare delicacy!
Today was cleaning day, but I really wanted to get some baking done, so I asked the oldest to vacuum, and it worked! She vacuumed the dining room, kitchen, and living room, and then took the cleaning to her own kitchen in her room. Wow! I think I've passed into a new stage of parenting. How wonderful to get two things done at once!
As she vacuumed, I made bread (a new recipe from the Sept. edition of Southern Living-Pam's Country Crust Bread) and pizza crust and cookies. After all the cleaning and cooking we all felt like celebrating, so we threw a party for Suzie, who the oldest says turned 14 today. (Who knew?)
The happy birthday girl waiting for her cake.
We sang to Suzie and then enjoyed the cake that the oldest made for Suzie from play dough (I think it was a warm dark chocolate with a hot chocolate lava center! Yum!) And then we all ate a cookie.
It was a good day and I think it was partly because the kids were happy to know that it was the last of its kind. So next week, we begin the schooling!

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  1. We've been a little, um, restless here as well. And also distracted by the mountains of clothes towering around my living room. Here's to after Labor Day!

  2. What beautiful header picture. Love your treats for today. Stop by and see if I can temp you with my dessert.

  3. There is always something fun goin' on at your house Olivia. (:>)

    I loved it when my kiddos would help with the housework....glad your oldest was glad to vacuum for you, I'm sure it helped.

    Thanks for your comments and for visiting my blog!

    Happy Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. I love baking days. That is one of my favorite was to unwind. Tasting as you work doesn't hurt either.

  5. Sounds like your life may have just gotten a little easier. :)

  6. It sounds like fun at your house! All of that baking sounds good...

    I read the previous post about your car, too, and I enjoyed your memories. It was wonderful that you loved and appreciated your first car..I hope your parents read that post!

  7. Clever way of combining memes! >Thanks for dropping by to read my 6WS. Hope your week goes well

  8. Hey, nice blog you have here. I just followed you!

  9. This is so sweet, we have to have parties for the dolls in our home too. :)

  10. Happy Birthday Suzie - love that cake! This post made me smile!