Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun Food Week

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Today's winner is Becky Jane who said:
You are such a fun mom! I found it was easier to feed my kids healthy if once in awhile they got to eat what they considered 'the fun stuff'!
Have a yummy week!

Thanks, Becky Jane! You have a great week too!
I'm declaring a fun food week for our family! I'm pretty conscious about what my kiddos (and hubby) eat, so unfortunately that means saying a lot of, "No" to this and "No" to that. This week, I'm calling off the "No" squad and saying a lot of "Yes!"
How will that look for us? Well, I know three things that are going to happen.
***First of all, everyone can order whatever they want for breakfast. I have pancake mix made up, so they'll be quick if anyone wants them. I bought a lot of bacon (on sale) last week, so I'm ready for my meat-loving hubby's request! And they can have oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, cereal, just about anything breakfast-y! And yes, doughnuts can be a breakfast (at least one morning) too.
***Secondly, the older kiddos have been begging to be left alone in the kitchen with a macaroni and cheese task. They want to make it all by themselves. So tonight, the adventure is on! I'll put out the stuff, and put the oldest in charge (she can read the directions), and the hubby and I will sit back and be waited on. We'll see how that goes!
***And the last thing I know about our fun week is that the kiddos will have ice cream in a cone every single day. That's enough to make anyone's week fun!
And for dinners? Here's what I have planned:
Monday--barbecue chicken, green beans, and (above-mentioned) macaroni and cheese
Tuesday--taco salad (with tortilla chips, bean dip, sour cream, taco meat, cheese, lettuce, and salsa) This is the hubby's absolute FAVORITE meal in the whole wide world. The only thing that even comes close is a perfectly cooked slab of steak and a huge baked potato.
Wednesday--Caesar salad with chicken (one of my faves)
Thursday--Order out pizza
Friday--We'll probably be out running around, so we'll eat out
Oh, and I almost forgot! I'm making several salads for lunch this week. One is my hubby's favorite: rice, salad shrimp, and chopped green olives. It sounds like a very unlikely combo, but mix it with some chopped green peppers, mayo, salt, and pepper, and it is incredibly addictive!
It's fun week, everyone! Time to take a small risk and let those kiddos eat ice cream and make macaroni and cheese! Life is good!
And, don't forget: we're celebrating OSitK's birthday for the rest of this week! Leave comments to win daily prizes and on August 14th, I'll be choosing 10 winners from among all of the comments of these two weeks to win gift cards to various mommy friendly places including my mom's new etsy shop: Granna's Designs!

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  1. That is a festive and fun week!

  2. You are such a fun mom! I found it was easier to feed my kids healthy if once in awhile they got to eat what they considered 'the fun stuff'!
    Have a yummy week!

  3. Fun way to mix it up! I'm sure this will be remembered (hopefully for good)!

  4. That sounds awesome. I just got back from a cruise, so that's basically all we did lol

  5. HA! You crazy mom you! Mac n cheese and ice cream! Living on the wild side! Sounds like a fun week. No beach? Is hubby off?

  6. I wanna try that shrimp salad... yummmmmm