Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eighth Grade

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I LOVE THIS STORY! And I didn't know this about you! I love learning new things about you.
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The summer before eighth grade I attended a camp called Breakaway. This is a Christian youth camp located on the beautiful Jeckyll Island off the coast of Georgia.
Our youth group was very small, so while there we teamed up with another youth group from St. Louis for our intimate youth group meetings. We also shared rooms with that youth group. I ended up in a room with one girl from my youth group and two from the STL youth group—two girls named Robin (and Robyn).
Both Robin and Robyn were slightly older than me, and seemed to me much more socially savvy. In fact I wanted to be just like them “when I grew up.” The older Robyn was headed off to a wonderful college the next year, the very college that I had already vowed I would attend. I truly wanted to imitate her every move! (Consequently, that Robyn now lives and moves in the same community as I do and our daughters are in the same class at a small Christian school!)
The other Robin was closer to my age, but still seemed ahead of me in many ways. One clear difference was that she had a Christian boyfriend. A boyfriend who was more than just a date to a dance or someone to giggle with friends about—a real friend, one she prayed with and spent time with being both silly and serious. This was a completely foreign concept to me. Christian girls could have boyfriends? Being boyfriend and girlfriend could be done in such a way as to please God? All of this basically sent me reeling.
After reeling a bit, I ended up sitting on some steps somewhere near our camp having a serious heart to heart with God. “God,” I moaned, “I’m lonely. Could you send me a Christian boyfriend like Robin’s?” This was the first prayer I had ever prayed where I actually felt God listening. I was so sure of an answer, that I began looking around for the guy that God was surely going to lead me to that very night. (insert wry smile!)
That very night at the camp’s evening meeting, the camp musician sang a new song—a song that told a story of a girl who wanted a boyfriend very badly. The chorus was the girl’s friend answering her moaning cry with this wisdom: you don’t need a boyfriend, you need a personal relationship with Jesus.
I felt like I’d been body slammed. All the loneliness made sense to me now! I had committed my heart to Christ way back in 2nd grade, but there was nothing day-to-day and personal about that commitment. It was a good set of rules to follow, a sure path to heaven. I had yet to learn that it was also a relationship closer than any other I would ever form. This Jesus was the man who would meet my every need. He is the One who can fill the ache of loneliness. I am still to this day falling deeper and deeper in love with Him.
I pray that you know about that kind of relationship with Jesus too, but if you don’t please email me with any questions! I’d love to talk more about it!

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  1. Oh the nights I prayed God would allow the love of my heart at the time (and the same boy for 5 YEARS) to like me back!! If you asked me then, I was dead set that eventually when he came around we WOULD get married and be together always! I thought this until I was 17 when I finally realized it probably wouldn't happen. Afterall, he knew how I felt, our entire church did, and everyone would try to force us (maybe not 'force' for me) together. Now we are both married to someone else and just friends, but I was SO SURE God would bring us together back then!!
    So I can relate.
    Isn't it wonderful when God speaks to us so clearly and directly like He did for you? I wish He would speak more clearly to me sometimes- though maybe He does and I just need to work on listening better for Him and not just for what I want.
    Thanks for sharing Olivia!!

  2. What a small world! :) Thanks for sharing your story...God is so good!

  3. What a gift to have learned that lesson at such a young and IMPRESSIONABLE age! That's really amazing. Thanks for sharing that story, friend.

  4. i may take you up and email you as I dont' have that relationship....

  5. Nice to meet you -- I've read a few of your previous chapters, but the title to this one struck me, because I looooonged for a boyfriend in 8th grade, too. You, however, were able to dig a bit deeper than I was. . . I really just wanted one to be as cool as the other girls. :) How wonderful that Jesus sought you out, and created the desire for Him in your heart that a boyfriend could never fill! That is beautiful!

  6. I LOVE THIS STORY! And I didn't know this about you! I love learning new things about you.

  7. That's awesome. Wow. You can't get much clearer an answer than that. LOL I'm so glad you responded to it the right way and allowed it to help you grow.

  8. How great that you got that answer before you longed too long!

  9. Having a relationship with the Lord makes all the difference-not just knowing He exists but making him your very best friend. Praise God for your testimony and how he will use it.