Monday, August 23, 2010

Breaking from the Norm

Yes, I'm breaking from the norm today, folks. I don't think...okay, I know that I have never talked about fashion here on this blog. That's because I'm no fashion guru. I've needed a wardrobe consultant (really badly) for some time now. I have a style, but it is hit or miss, and on a limited budget as well. Add to that the fact that every time I've had a child, I've managed to go through about ten different sizes in the nursing-getting-your-body-back phase, and well, sometimes you get just plain catastrophe! I dread going shopping because I usually leave with either something I will never wear or completely frustrated because I found nothing at all that fit me.
Well, I think I have now stumbled upon a place that will save some of my closet woes! Enter Shabby Apple, an online dress shop that certainly has sympathies for us mommas!

Shabby Apple features fashionable and fairly priced ($60 and up) dresses for women, teens, and little girls. They have a "style advice" that lets you ask which dresses would fit you best, as well as a "shop by body type" tutorial that will lead you to dresses that will show off what is best about you.
By asking for advice about my body type, I learned that those of us a little less gifted at the top might want to look for dresses with a darker color at the bottom--therefore accentuating and flattering their top half. Never knew that before!
And, to top all of this off, they have several ways to get discounts! You can sign up for their newsletter to get a 10% off coupon. And you can sign your friends up for an email coupon. If your friends decide to buy something with that coupon, Shabby Apple will credit your account with $25. Wow!

So if you would like for me to send you a coupon from Shabby Apple (hint, hint) please leave your email in the comments. I'd love to pass along some of this dress joy!
I don't know about you guys, but there's something about wearing a dress that makes a momma more confident and maybe even more creative. I love the fact that so many of Shabby Apple's dresses could go to the park or on a date. 
Happy dress shopping and happy parenting today!


  1. I love, love, love Shabby Apple! They have such wonderful dresses!


  2. Those dresses look beautiful, and I love the name of the company!

  3. I have checked out their dresses before, very cute! I just wish I had money to spend that much on dresses. I may get one from them here sometime soon, but not very often at those prices!
    I like though how they all come to your knee, its so hard to find dresses that are cute but not SUPER short!

  4. Yep, Shabby Apple is a fantastic shop. Would you send me the coupon code? I have a couple more weddings coming up this year... maybe it's time for a new dress!!!

  5. Cute dresses indeed! Thank you so much for linking them up to Makes My Monday! :)