Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sixth Grade

I believe it was fifth grade when a group of my friends and I decided that our elementary school needed a newspaper. Every month after that we faithfully doled out articles and literally cut and paste and copied to come up with our "Dynomite Lines." The Dynomite Lines that I have saved in a (wonderful, made-by-my-mom) keepsake book is the very last one from the month that we sixth graders graduated from our elementary school. Our county was small, so the elementary went up through sixth and real, live high school began in seventh grade.
This issue was our farewell to being children before we hit the big world. In it we both thanked and made a little good-natured fun of all of our teachers. The issue was dedicated to them. We also put in a "Class Will." "I Laura Olivia leave my good grades to my brother, and the important stuff is still up for grabs," is my literary addition to that will! My two favorites were "I Frederick leave my nasty attitude to all my cousins," and "I James leave my good looks and delicate touch with women to Antiwan." 
If I remember correctly, this was the year that one of the teachers (the one in the jogging suit above) retired. When my class heard that he was retiring, we threw him a Hawaiian themed party, complete with a Hawaiian print shirt as a gift. He was a really funny teacher, and I still remember him telling us about the African tribe that was so poor that they had to tie a string to their meat, so that when they chewed and swallowed it, they could pull it back up to eat again. He loved to make the girls gasp and gag and they guys hoot and holler.
If you can't tell from the above, my class was unique in the fact that we were not afraid to start big projects or plan surprises amongst ourselves. Our class (and when I say "our class" I really mean 10 or 15 of the most precocious ones, including yours truly) was also the first ones to begin the elementary school dances, which that school carries on to this day.
Here's to the C.C.E.S. class of 1990! Those were some good days!

This post is in conjunction with a history-recording summer-long party over at Mommy's Piggy Tales. We're writing about one memory from a particular year of our lives each Thursday until September 16. Here is my walk down memory lane so far:
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Memory lane is definitely a place I love that brings me great joy!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog (and introducing me to yours!) What a fun project - and how great that you can still look back at it and remember all the fun that went into putting it together!

  2. Wow, sounds like this year was a lot of fun for you! I love the cut and paste newspaper, I don't think I ever would've even had the thought occur to me at that age!
    Great stories!!

  3. When I was in 5th grade in 1985, we made a newspaper, too! The only thing I remember about it was that we had written out the lyrics to "We Are the World"! Good times!!

  4. How wonderful to hear how your class worked together. I think it's great that you felt the freedom and had the support to start your own paper and care about your teacher enough to give him a retirement party!