Thursday, July 1, 2010

Second Grade

From the first day of first grade, I'll take you to the last day of second grade. My best friend Wendy and I were enthralled by the high school band majorettes, and lo and behold, they were coming to perform for just the elementary school on our last day of school! Not only were the majorettes coming, we were having a field day with booths and activities set up all over the play ground. No books, no tests, just a big play day!
Wendy and I were beside ourselves with excitement... until she got sick. I don't remember it, but I'm sure her mother called my mother and they had the customary, "Has your child has this vaccine yet?" talk. Well, Wendy had chicken pox and stayed in a calamine bath for 3 days. We were so worried that she would miss the last day of school, the booths, the activities, the majorettes! But thankfully she got better just a few days before.
But on the morning of the last day of second grade, guess who woke up with the chicken pox? Yep, you guessed it! Your truly. And yes, I missed it. No booths, no activities, and no majorettes. Can you tell that I'm still a little bitter? I teased my friend Wendy about it for years: "You made me miss the fun day in second grade!" All in good fun of course.
Wendy moved away after second grade and we swore a pact that we would write each other forever. And we did. We wrote faithfully back and forth until she returned to our town in the 7th grade. I still have and treasure the huge packet of letters from her. And oh, the wonderful memories of driving the long hour to go and see her. We caught fire flies and drank pickle juice (don't ask!) and stayed up way after her mom thought we were in bed.
Here's to second grade and my friend Wendy!

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  1. Ah! What a bummer you got the chicken pox on the big day! I gave my BFF the chicken pox too. But I don't think she missed any cool school stuff because of it (at least not that i remember?!)

  2. Ah, that is too bad you had to miss all the fun! I didn't get chicken pox until I was in 5th grade but I was actually happy to have them and miss school- though it was the middle of the year and nothing fun as far as I was concerned! Though if I had had it on a 'field day' our end of the year celebrations- lots of games and stuff out on the field- I would've been devastated too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I cannot remember my chickenpox experience at all but I have a few scars from scratching.. wow...

  4. I remember missing my class' Valentines' Day party because of the chicken pox! But at least it was wintertime, and not a fun, outside end-of-the-year event!

  5. What a bummer! I was only about 3 when I got chicken pox thanks to my older brother. My poor mom had all five of us with it at once!

  6. How fun!! Except not the chicken pox...I don't remember when I got chicken pox, but I did. I think it's really impressive that you all kept up writing to each other for that long!!

  7. That is such a cute story! Sorry about missing the fun day, but it's funny now.

    So cool you and Wendy stayed friends! I still have a few friends from kindergarten and it's pretty fun. Though we don't see each other all the time, we know we always have each other's back.