Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Am So Glad...

I am so glad to be HOME!
We have been away visiting family, and I do so love to visit them, but walking through our home after the long trip back is always SO rewarding!
You are welcome to take a walk through our home too!
Yesterday's arrival at home was especially rewarding because our 8 hour trip became a 10 1/2 hour trip with traffic in one of the cities we went through! It took us 2 1/2 hours to get 15 miles. Ugh! So of course, like every good parent, we gave our youngest a gun to play with. 
It's okay, it's okay! It's a play gun that my hubby's grandpa found in a dumpster behind a dollar store. No, really. He did.

And, as an added bonus, here's a little frugal trip tip that the hubby came up with for your summer travels:
How about making your own Travel Guide? The hubby now has ours on his Evernote app on his iPhone, but we would eventually like to make it into a book (maybe through blurb?) with pictures and everything. In this travel guide we list everything that might be helpful about each exit that we pass on the interstate (the exits are many). We note where we don't like to stop because of the crowds and of course we note whether the McDonald's playgrounds are indoor or outdoor. We are anxiously awaiting a Chickfila to pop up on our way (no luck yet), and we know where the nicest bathrooms are. 
So if you have a trip that you make often, consider making your own travel guide!
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Being home is a beautiful, finer thing!
And yeah! Holly over at 504 Main, who hosts the "Tickled Pink" link-up featured my post from last week in her post today. Hurray! As you know, I love to have a link made to Of Such is the Kingdom. It makes me very happy.


  1. Perfect post for Friday Finding Beauty! I always look for beauty of a symbolic kind rather than a straightforward pretty picture. This week I managed both.

    What a great idea, making your own travel guide!

  2. Vacation behind you, now you're ready for the summer! I took your house tour; what a lovely home you've made. Your hardwood floor in the kitchen looks good! Despite the water damage I encourage you to refinish rather than replace. Hardwood floors throughout a home give a warmth unmatched by any other finish. Plus they're much easier on the legs (and bumped heads) than tile. Welcome back!

  3. It is a joy to be on vacation, but heaven to return home. Just love my own bed. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. Everyone lives to go on vacation -- :) but i know i always enjoy coming home to my own bed. Thats the true meaning of home isnt it? A soft place to land and look forward to.

    Have an awesome week.


  5. Hahaha...a toddler with a gun. Hilarious! That is so something my husband would do just to see how many dirty looks he could get.

  6. I would totally give my kid a (toy) gun too...if it made them happy. Great scoop on that app!