Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Honest Love

More on what I'm reading:
I'm a member of Booksneeze-a book review website associated with Thomas Nelson Publishers. This means that I can choose a book from them and they will send it to me free. I then publish a review of the book and choose another book. This is, for an avid reader like me, a very sweet deal!
The last book I chose from Booksneeze was An Honest Love by Kathleen Fuller. It is not my usual genre of book, but I love fiction, so I did finally get around to reading it.
The story is set in Amish country in Ohio in a town called Middlefield. There are two women and two men who are (conveniently) focused upon in this second novel of the series. Anna is a twenty-something new comer to Middlefield who has suffered loss and is now suffering from a mysterious physical pain. Elizabeth is a young resident of Middlefield who has yet to join the church. She plans to of course, but the journey to that decision is always fraught with temptation.
I found Fuller's story to be very predictable and over-emotional. I was set to be bored by the characters and the plot and to give the book a C-. But by the end of the book I had a new respect for Fuller's ability to create characters. Her plot was simple and a bit boring, but nonetheless when I finished, I wanted to keep reading about what happened to her very believable characters.

If you either love to read about the Amish or have never read about the Amish at all, I recommend the book for the context. If you love a character-driven story, I recommend the book for its believable and lovable characters. If, on the other hand, you enjoy a book of unpredictable and strong plot, I recommend looking elsewhere.


  1. Bless you! (Just.could.not.resist!) This sounds like a great thing site, I will have to check it out since I love to read!

  2. BookSneeze is an amazing opportunity.

    I like your review--very clear and to the point. I now know that I'd probably like this book, since it's about believable characters.

    Thanks for linking up to Tightwad Tuesday.

    Annie Kate