Friday, July 9, 2010

Calendar Fun

Something that we did throughout the school year and something that I have meant to do during the summer is calendar work. Or, (for your kids) calendar fun!
There are so many things you can teach with a calendar, and since I have taught Saxon math before, I'm sure a good bit of this is stolen from them, but I think that's it's just good common learning too.
You can buy any of the calendars you see to the left or to save money, you can draw off your own on large paper (like this paper). If you just draw off the boxes here are things that you can do with a calendar.
1. Learn the months of the year and fill in the current month at the top of the calendar. We use the tune to "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" to sing "JANuary FEBruary MARCH, April, MAY, Ju-une, July, AUGust, SepTEMber, OcTOBer, NOVember, DECember, Now I know my months!"
2. Learn and write across the top the days of the week. You can use lots of tunes for these; we used the same tune as "Found a Peanut" to sing these.
3. Fill in all the numbers starting on the correct day of the week.
4. This is where it gets fun. Now you can fill in all events, holidays, and special days like vacations or family members' birthdays inside your day-squares.
5. Ask questions like these: 
      a. What is today?
      b. What will tomorrow be?
      c. What was yesterday?
      d. What was the day before yesterday?
      e. What will the day after tomorrow be?
      f. How many days until we __________ (e.g. go to Grandma's house)?
      g. On what day of the week is ________ (e.g. Aunt Suzie's birthday)?
      h. What was last month?
      i. What will next month be?
6. Always have children form answer with day of the week, month, and then ordinal number of date. (e.g. Friday, July 9th)
The skills that you learn from the calendar are so many! 
You can start these kind of questions as early as you like--for younger children you can point to today on an already-filled-in calendar. Then have them point to today. Say the date and have them repeat it. Put picture labels on dates and ask them to point to the Christmas tree and ask them, "What holiday is on that day?" etc. Older children can write journal entries each day starting each one with "Today is (day of the week, month, and ordinal number)." Older children should be able to fill in their calendars on their own and could even be allowed to plan out their days--filling in whether they are going to the pool or reading or whatever on a particular day.
So go forth and have some calendar fun this summer! (And maybe I'll finally get around to doing it too!) This kind of spending time with your kids is inexpensive, fun, and beautiful!
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  1. Thanks for stopping by!

    My kids LOVE calendar fun. We used Saxon Math this year so I recognize some of the suggestions. You can print free calendars at She has lots of great planners and stuff, too.

  2. What a neat idea to do with the kids over the summer. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a good teaching tool! I have always wanted to get the Melissa & Doug magnetic one just to have, but I never thought about using it as a learning tool for my daughter! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!


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  5. I love doing calendar in the classrooms I've done practicums in so far! I would love to have a calendar at home & do this with my kids from a young age! Great tips!!!

  6. Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday. What a precious little family! Please make sure you link back to us as courtesy though. :)
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  7. That is fabulous. Great idea and great tips...I need to do this with my kiddos!