Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Real Heroes

Has anyone out there seen Iron Man 2? The hubby and I often go to the fast paced thriller movies in the theater because we agree that those movies are better seen there. (Consequently we don't often see girl movies in the theater for which fact I mercilessly badger my hubby.)
We saw Iron Man 2 on our last date and liked it. We liked the plot of the first one better, but I can say that #2 was cleaner.
When the hubby and I watch movies, we invariably spend a good hour afterwards hashing out the philosophical meanings of the movie (sometimes we are just trying desperately to justify the fact that we just spent 2 hours of our lives watching that movie!).
While we were hashing out Iron Man 2, I realized something really cool about these "Save the world" kind of movies. They often have a message not unlike this blog: Know that your job as a parent is truly the great adventure for "of such is the Kingdom of God!"
Here is what I mean: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) is recklessly brave when it comes to fighting the evil, intelligent bad guys, BUT when it comes to telling the girl that he loves that he loves her, he is a nervous fool! Isn't this a common theme in hero movies? And what do I, as a momma, hear? I hear that I'm doing the really difficult job. I mean, how hard is it to look at a villain who is about to kill hundreds and shoot your laser beam or whatever? It's simple--a no brainer. But what about the decision of whether or not to spank for your own daughter's offensive behavior? Or whether or not to go running to the kids' room every time someone screams? Or forgiving your best friend when they hurt your feelings? Or loving your hubby even when you're tired and your emotions are just not in it? These things are the real adventure in life! They are the things that require the real bravery.
Next time your hubby says, "Let's watch that full-of-special-effects-shoot-em-up movie, you can give a resounded, "Sure!" Then look for that theme. I bet you'll find that the real heroes are sitting on the couch (or in the theater seats) watching the movie.
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  1. What a great take! I like it. I agree that we in real life are the heroes. But, it's hard to live up to it sometimes!

  2. your hubby and you are smart and wise people...
    thank you for sharing.

  3. We LOVED Iron Man! And I love the new look of your blog! Have a great Wednesday!