Friday, June 18, 2010

I Love Iced Tea

I like it strong and sweet like any good southern gal, and I'd love to share a glass with you!
Did you know this prestigious southern drink has it's own month? Yes! June is National Sweet Tea month. And to go along with that, there is a Sweet Tea anthem as well! I know this post is going to make you want some, so after you pour yourself a glass, sip it to the sounds of "Sweet Tea" by the Bushels.
I've always loved the fact that sweet tea has many moods (kind of like this writer!). Pour it over ice and sprigs of mint, and you've got a tea that will transport you from the stress of a hot summer day to a mountaintop of cheerful spring breezes! But then there are a host of harder sweet teas as well (sweet tea flavored vodka, anyone?) Mix it with lemonade and you get a drink fit for any country club--it even has a name! Arnold Palmer. According to this site tea has a host of medicinal qualities that makes it rather like an anxious nurse hovering around a sickly child.
My favorite side of tea is that it is a representative of all that is good in the south. It's a frugal "make it yourself" kind of drink, which to me seems very southern. And it has that slow-down, sit-on-your-front-porch mentality. It brings to mind a neighbor stepping in for a spell and hearing that natural "Care for some tea?" in a beautiful southern drawl.

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  1. mmm...I love sweet tea! Now I want some :)

  2. Oh, why Thank you Dear. Yes I'll take a glass with mint please ..:) How refreshing!
    Y'all Enjoy your weekend now, ya hear ~ lol

  3. M'mmm . . . it's a change for me when I visit my home state of FL (in the south, but not OF the south) and order "tea please". The Floridian waiter/waitress inevitably asks, "Sweet or Unsweet"? Do they even need to ask? I mean, it only comes one way, right?! =D

  4. I don't care for sweet tea -gasp I know - but I love southern hospitality!!

  5. My mom was from Texas and we always drank sweet tea when I was growing up...even though we lived in California.

    It is so refreshing....and it does make you feel so cool and quenched on a hot day.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. Thanks for linking up! My hubby is from the South and he loves his sweet tea! Arnold Palmer's are a great drink