Monday, June 7, 2010

Food for the Week

Since my oldest is doing a morning camp at a nature center this week and
Since I've overcommitted myself again by inviting all my boy's buddies (and their families) to go to a different inexpensive fun place each morning during that camp
Food will be simple this week.
(And don't forget I'm still reading a novel--it's gotten to the (very) disturbing point; I'll blog on that later in the week.)
So here are my plans for the week.
Breakfast: apple sauce muffins (with yogurt and/or scrambled eggs) Find a great recipe for these in this post.
Lunch: (This will be the same every day) Sandwiches, crackers and cheese, fruit,  baby carrots, granola bars, etc.
In Between: make my own yogurt!! I found this easy recipe and I'm going to give it a try in just a little bit!
Dinner: barbecued chicken--nothing crazy here, just pull the legs and leg quarters out of the freezer, douse them with a bottle of Kraft regular barbecue sauce and put them in the oven around 2pm on 300 degrees. I'll probably cover them and turn them up when they are good and thawed (maybe to about 350 degrees) and hopefully they'll be done by dinner time. I'll serve them with a nice big green salad and some "homestyle" macaroni and cheese.
Tuesday: Breakfast: leftover muffins (with yogurt)
Dinner: leftover barbecue chicken (easy, see!) again with a salad but maybe this time I'll pick up a nice homemade bread from a local deli to go with it.
Wednesday: Breakfast: pancakes and yogurt
Dinner: dirty rice and mixed veggies
Thursday: Breakfast: leftover pancakes
Dinner: baked pork chops, seasoned rice, and steamed broccoli
Friday: Breakfast: cereal
Dinner: Spaghetti and salad, possibly homemade rolls if I get them started soon enough
Saturday: Breakfast: waffles
Dinner: out with the hubby (yeah!) -the kiddos and babysitter will probably have mac and cheese
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  1. Wow - I'm intrigued by your Muffins for a Week idea! I've never tried making a savory muffin before! Thanks for the ideas -

  2. Hello! Found your link from Menu Plan, I am impressed that you have ALL of your daily meals on here, not just dinner! I am interested in making homemade yogurt...I will check out your link. I have made homemade kefir and have really loved it! It is great for smoothies and for using in pancakes, etc. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I have just done the menu plan thing a couple times, but I really like it!