Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Grade

first day of first grade
truck got stuck along the way
Mom's distraught because we're late;
I'm just happy with the stir we'll create.
new school, muddy lot
bright red clay is all we've got
We are late, but no one's mad;
First day fun is to be had!
new teacher, new desk
shedding wet lace socks is the best
Friends move over and giggle
My piggy toes are free to wiggle. 
rain, mud, worry? well...
at least there is a story to tell!

It's funny what you remember! I think I was a little worried that my first grade teacher would be mad that I was dripping all over her clean floor, but in the end I was extremely happy to get so much attention from my teacher and peers on the first day of school.
I went on to get in trouble quite a bit in first grade. The teacher couldn't figure out why I was incessantly passing notes to Davey Jacks. ("I love you!" and then a few minutes later, "I hate you!" Don't ask me; I can't remember why!) Finally my mom asked her to assign me extra work and that helped a lot. They kept me busy and hopefully out of the principal's office for the rest of that year!

I'm participating in a great link up over at Mommy's Piggy Tales where on Thursdays from June 10 to September 16 we chronicle our past.

Memory lane is definitely a place I love that brings me great joy!


  1. So funny!!! Good thing you were a kid who thrived on the extra attention! If that had happened to me, I probably would've been embarrassed by it!! haha it's funny how kids are so different! I went back & forth from being really introverted to being extremely talkative & extroverted.

  2. Cute post! The funny things we remember! (some not so funny at the time) :-)

  3. What a creative way to share! I love your poem, its fun and cute!! Wow passing notes that early huh? I don't think I started that until Jr High!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. A poem--very impressive way to tell your story, I love it!!!

  5. Hi Olivia,

    Great post. Had fun reading it right to the end. Thanks for sharing. Brightened up my day.


  6. Loved the way you shared your memories! be young and six again. Some days I would trade it all in a minute. ;-)

  7. What a fun memory! That reminds me, I sat at the troublemaker table in kindergarten. After first grade, though, I was actually a little shy!

  8. YOU were a trouble maker? Whaaaa? No way. But one thing still holds true, for I do remember a certain fellow in college that you sent proverbial love notes to, then "hate" notes. Back n forth, back n forth. Good thing you ended up just marrying the poor guy. =)

  9. Yay! No more word verification!

  10. This is such a fun project! Am loving getting to learn more and more about you, friend.

  11. LOL! So cute! =D Love the poem.

  12. What a creative way to tell your story....precious!
    Stopped by from group 2 of Mommy Piggy Tales,