Monday, June 28, 2010

A Few Awards

Yeah! This is has been a great weekend for Of Such is the Kingdom. I feel blessed and honored to have received two awards!
The first is a "Versatile Blogger" award from Crystal over at Crystalized Reflections. Thanks, Crystal!
In order to accept this award, I have to tell you seven things that you don't already know about me. That's kind of hard since I reveal the main to the mundane in the Me section of this blog! Want to know what each room of my house looks like? See it here. Want to know me from Age to favorite Zoo animal? See that on this post!  Didn't know I had a large scar on my cheek? You can read about here.  (Plus I have to save some things for my Walk Down Memory Lane with the Mommy's Piggy Tales!) But I'll see if I can come up with something.
1. I wore a corrective retainer in high school because I couldn't afford braces. It worked but now I have to wear a plastic retainer every night or my teeth will return to their crooked ways. I recently lost my last retainer, so I'm suffering until I get a new one made. (Ugh!)
2. When I had my first daughter I thought I hated pink. I avoided it like the plague until she began to pick out pink things on her own. Then I began to secretly like it. Now I'm out of the closet, so to speak, about my love of pink.
3. I'm very opinionated. Wait, I'm sure you all probably already know that!
4. I'm picky about shoes. I want them to be cheap and eternally comfortable. Maybe I'll find some I really like in heaven. : )
5. I LOVE natural lighting in the bathroom. (There's a random fact for ya!)
6. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to climb a tree with a good book, balance somewhere on a limb, and read, read, read!
7. I also love to travel (which I'm sure you know); I've been to Belgium, The Netherlands, England (briefly), China, Thailand, Canada, and (I think this is right) 28 states.
There you have it! Seven whole things that (maybe) you didn't know about me.
Check out these versatile blogs:
1. Alicia over at A Beautiful Mess has the best pictures! She tells life like it is and is quite versatile in doing it.
2. Traci Michelle at Ordinary Inspirations for the Everyday Wife, Mommy, and Homemaker is definitely one of the most versatile blogs I know! I get ideas for activities, recipes, and motivation from her!
3. Simple Mom is a great place to get all kinds of very wise advice for parenting! The main blogger behind Simple Mom is out right now on maternity leave, but she's picked out some great guests to post for her until she comes back mid-July.
4. Windy Poplars has recipes and activities and crafts--very versatile indeed, and I love the Anne of Green Gables feel to the site. It's always great to find a kindred spirit!

The second award is the "A Blog With Substance" Award. Thanks so much to Cameron at Ingenue Mom for this one!
For this award I'm supposed to tell you my blog philosophy. This one is easier because it's in my first ever post on Of Such is the Kingdom:

The biggest challenge to my romantic side has been the advent of children! After our second was born, I chafed quite a bit in the fact that I was so "tied down" and couldn't be useful to the kingdom. I guess I knew intellectually that my children were my kingdom work, but my romantic side just didn't feel that. So in the last few years, God has used His many resources to begin to teach me what an adventure being a home maker truly is.
There is not as much glory, not as much recognition, and not as much time to think in this adventure. There is a lot of sacrifice and quite a bit of beautiful reward. This truly is the kingdom "not of this world." The world often says that a career is so much more important than a family--and don't get me wrong, a career is an important thing! I just want to live out the fact that this daily grind is the dangerous, adventurous kingdom work God has given me.
This blog is dedicated to little ideas that help us, as parents, "rejoice always" in this adventure.
If you want to read some more blogs with substance look at these:
1. A Foreign Land is an eclectic place to get away from the kids (mostly) for a while. This blogger deals with clothes and t.v. shows and photos and a lot of other things. That may not sound substantial, but if you really read closely, you'll see that her blog is really about her coming to love the life she's living--becoming content in all things. I love that!
2. A Pocket of Rocks is another eclectic life story blog about a mom and her kids and the tough questions they ask and the fun they have and the things that she, as a person, loves. She also takes a lot of great pics!
3. Katherine Marie Photography is one of my favorite blogs out there. Her photography is amazing and she often posts about her "theme of the week" for her children. These are INCREDIBLE! Most recently she has vegetables as her theme and the kids painted vegetables and made a vegetable stand and did vegetable matching cards. You get the picture, right? She has a great gift!
4. Amy over at The Finer Things in Life is a very positive gal! I love the fact that her posts are uplifting and inspiring!


  1. Thanks so much for the award. I'm honored that you thought of me with so much talent out there. And thanks for introducing me to more terrific blogs. I can't figure out how to follow Katherine Marie Photography in my google reader, but I'm gonna keep at it. You are so lucky you were able to travel so much. And I'm glad you are warming up to pink. :) Have a good one! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Thanks a bunch!!! I'm tickled to be on your list... And can't wait to check out some other new faces. Xoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. I have been reading a book, it sounds like you would really enjoy based on your blog philosophy. It's a Focus on the Family one called "Experincing God Around the Kitchen Table" By Marilynn Blackaby. I find it very encouraging!

  4. WOW! Thanks, girl.
    It's so awesome to have a friend, supporter and teacher in this whole blog adventure.
    Your encouragement is such a gift.

  5. Thank you so much Olivia! What a sweet honor... Sounds like you've had some wonderful travel opportunities in your lifetime already - what a blessing! I enjoyed your randoms.- Oh, and I also wanted to let you know that I was selected to host a House Party (the Febreze one) and was SO excited at the huge box of goodies I got from them! Sadly, though I invited around 50 people, most couldn't come, so I postponed it. Bummed, but God must have better timing. Just thought I'd let you know, since you were the one that I heard about it from! I can't wait to do more... Hope you're having a wonderful evening, ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  6. Congratulations on your awards and thanks so much for passing one on to me!