Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Things To Do (In Our Town Anyway)

My oldest was involved with a nature center camp this week, so I decided to round up some of my boy's buddies (and families) and try to hit some of the inexpensive fun things in our town. Wow! It was fun and boy, are we tired!
1. On Monday we gathered at a downtown park with a huge fountain. Two of the boy's buds also came and four other little girls were there. The kids LOVE to run in and out of the fountain. I was a little concerned that the youngest wouldn't touch all that force and water with a ten foot pole, so I brought washed out yogurt cups for her to play with. This worked well! She filled them in the smaller outer ring fountains and then poured them on the paws of a giant stone lion statue. She was thrilled, and soon she was comfortable enough to venture to the next ring of fountains. We all rode the carousel nearby as well.
2. On Tuesday we hit the coolest. playground. ever. It's on a nearby mountain and it's filled with wooden structures, huge slides (even one down a huge hill) and tire towers. We had a total of 17 (I think) other children join us there. We'd never been, but even though it's a 30 minute drive, we'll be sure to go back.
3. On Wednesday we visited our local zoo. It's not the biggest or best zoo in the world, but on Wednesdays, they let everyone in for just a dollar, so they get five stars from me! The animals cooperated, we rode the carousel, and the boy bought us all ice cream with two nickels (I slipped the concession stand attendant a couple of dollars to add to the nickels when the boy wasn't looking. The boy felt SO grown up buying us all ice cream! Oh and one other fam joined us for the zoo.
4. Thursday was the best day yet. The boy had a bud with him and so did the youngest. We started out at the streams in front of our aquarium downtown but then moved to another amazing watery fun place. Forgive me, I had to steal the picture from here because I didn't bring my camera on Thursday. These are stairs that lead from the street level all the way down to the river and are covered with rushing water! At the bottom there is a huge wading pool. And if the person taking this picture had turned around and taken another one, you would see large fountains shooting into the river. It really is a cool place!
5. Today we hit the trails near our house and hiked down to a waterfall. With two buds for each of the kiddos, we waded and ate our lunch near the water.
I spent a total of $12 for the entire week (we brought sack lunches to each place), and most of that money was on carousel rides.
So the moral of this story for those who don't live in our town is that your very own town can be a wonderful and frugal place to vacation.
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  1. Olivia,

    I love that you managed to do all of those things with your family for just $12! What is that saying? A woman after my own heart:) There is an apple cider farm near us that we love to visit with our children that is free. Once there you can feed the chickens, pigs, donkeys and goats for a coin donation. The kids love it. Sigh.

    Holly (3 Sisters, 365)

  2. Olivia, you have a beautiful blog. I love your tagline...Luke! I am a bible study teacher and Christian speaker and I am so happy to see young mothers who love the Lord!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog~ you are right, sticky nuttiness with whipped topping. So yummy!

  3. Wow, you have all that right on your doorstep? You are lucky - that fountain looks such fun for the children, too! Here, we have quite a lot going on, but all at least a bus-ride away, or we have to take the car, which means petrol and car park fees to add to the cost. All we have right here is a playground, and fields and a river which is too dangerous for youngsters because it's subject to rapid rises in water level.

    You found such a lot!

  4. "Great 5! Thanks for sharing!"

    Thank you! And love your header, your little girl is so cute!!

  5. What a great inspiration you are! Enjoy where you are planted ;)

    You need to post MORE photos of your adventures... they sound like such a blast!

    Thanks for sharing hon...have the best weekend.


  6. How awesome to have such affordable entertainment so close to home, and so beautiful too. You have truly found beauty.

  7. Wow, looks like a lot of fun! We have a bunch of great places nearby too - splash pads are a big favourite in the summertime, and we often set up "play dates" with my Wee One's best friends and their moms.

  8. Hi. Thanks for commenting on my pound cake. You asked about using yogurt instead of sour cream. I can't say for certain how it would work since I haven't tried it with this recipe. However, I read somewhere that with most recipes yogurt and sour cream can be used interchangeably, so I'd give it a try!

    You have a great blog here! I love your header! Such a cute picture!

  9. Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for linking up!

  10. I'm so excited that the stairs by the aquarium are open again. Now we just need some kids to visit us so I have an excuse to go!!! ;)

  11. Thanks for linking up! I love a good fountain and so do my kids! What fun! Sounds like a great week in your town!