Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten More For Kingdom Parenting

Here are ten more excellent things I learned about Kingdom parenting this Sunday:
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1. My goal as a parent should be the same as my goal as a person: God's glory.
2. Do I communicate #1 with my actions as a parent or do I just communicate that parenting is about making myself comfortable?
3. It should be a freeing thought to know that I might never measure up in my kids' eyes. Parenting is not about my kids approving of me. It is about giving God the glory (see #1).
4. God is writing my story and my kids' story. It is helpful as a parent to step back and remember that neither of those stories are finished yet.
5. Remember that kids can see through to our deepest reasons for things. Our behavior indicates our values and our world views--and children have a sense of this. We really can't fool them just by pulling up our boot straps and trying harder. (It has to be a Jesus thing!)
6. Be brave! Parenting is not for cowards.
7. When kids are young, we think for them, when they get older we think with them, and eventually our goal is to turn them loose so that they can think alone. (Walt Mueller, CPYU)
8. Worship together as a family.
9. Don't let your kids negotiate out of church; this is one issue that is worth fighting for!
10. And this from The Book of Common Prayer from 1928: "Grant, we beseech the, O Heavenly Father, that the child of this Thy servant may daily increase in wisdom and stature, and grow in Thy love and service, until he come to Thy eternal joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen"
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  1. These are all great parenting tips! I especially love #6 Parenting is not for cowards! (Someone should have told me that before I signed up to take this trip!;)

  2. Great list! I love #6 too. Parenting definitely isn't for cowards!