Thursday, May 27, 2010

Of Such is the Kingdom Favorites

Of Such is the Kingdom Favorites
For your organizational enjoyment, here's a concise list of the all the things I've ever loved on Of Such is the Kingdom.
Books, Magazines, and Games:
The NKJV Dramatized Bible-I love to listen to this as I run.
Computer Games for Kids-Okay, so I have this prejudice against kids using media (it's part of my "being different" OCD), but I do occasionally allow the kids to play a game online.
Deceptively Delicious- I love getting those veggies in, even if it requires the art of deception.
Faerie Gold-This is a great book of fairy tales with a great justification for all things fairy as an afterward.
Books for Fall-Here's a list of some great fall picture books.
Free Craft Book Download-"Free" and "Crafty" Who could ask for more?
Free Books from Ferst Foundation-Sign up for books to be mailed to your children once a month from birth to age 5!
Free Online Book of Preschool Projects-Again "Free" and "Crafty"
Amazon Wish List-Includes a few books and games for kids
Kid Magazines-A few I'd love my kids to be getting. (Birthday gifts, anyone?)
Mailbox Club-A story and question sheet is mailed to your kids each time they mail one back.
A Few of our Favorite Picture Books-Including, of course, one about a princess, and another about a knight in shining armor.
Spider Web This post has a great pic of a spider web and a cute little book about spiders.
Cheaper by the Dozen: This is a great novel for all parents to read!
Story Book Bible and What God Wants for Christmas This is a GREAT Bible to read with your kids and a great Christmas activity for your family.

Scripture CDs Seeds Family Worship CDs
Songs for Saplings This is how our family learns catechism and scripture; we sing it in the car!

Beauty and Health:
Grapefruit Seed Crush This stuff is a sanitizer and an antibiotic; it's a must-have for all mommas!
Pillow Case Dresses Make your little girls beautiful on a dime with these cute little dresses.
I Love Jewelry I have recently discovered my latent jewelry addiction. Who knew?
rbt Bags These oilcloth bags are beautiful and functional!
Ugandan Beads These are created by hand from recycled magazines by women of the Karamojong tribe in Uganda. Wow! They are beautiful.
Spirulina I'm on year four of taking this pill made out of algae, and I still haven't had a cold except for when I missed days!

Web Sites:
Weekend Planner Don't have a clue what to do with your family this weekend? Check out this site for a complete weekend plan!
Blurb Make a scrapbook online; it's easier and cheaper!
The Patriot Post This is a great place to get your weekly news.

Toys and Stuff:
5 Things Under $5 From shopping bags and shirts to flip flops and candle sticks...
Preschool Homeschool Box This box has been many, many hours of entertainment for the boy this year!
What My Kids Got For Christmas They loved all of it.
Angel Food Ministries I guess this counts as stuff; it's really just a very inexpensive way to feed your family well.

So there you have it! Visit where you will, and enjoy!
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  1. I've been thinking about that deceptively delicious.

  2. Thanks for all of the links. I enjoyed looking around your blog! :)

  3. Deceptively Delicious rocks! And those Ugandan beads....beautiful :)

    Here from 504 Main blog hop!

  4. I love reading what other people give their childen for Christmas! Your list sounded very similar to what we have done each year.

  5. The Princess and the Kiss. Such a treasure.

  6. Reading your list of favorites says a lot about your enormous commitment to your kids and being the best parent possible. But I can't help but wonder, what do you read/buy/entertain with that speaks to your non-parent interests? What am I saying; you have three kids! Seriously, though, maybe an idea for a subsequent post.

  7. I have been thinking about getting that deceptively delicious book - but it seems like a lot of instead I have just started serving more veggies.

  8. Yet another reminder to get that Seeds of Worship CD. Great list!!