Monday, May 3, 2010

More on Kingdom Parenting

Our Sunday School class had another couple come to speak about Kingdom Parenting yesterday. I am learning so much! I feel like we all could just sit and listen for weeks and weeks to the wiser and more mature parents in our church. As I told one of the pastors who is slated to teach in a few weeks, they could just come in and say, "We parented and we survived!" and we would all leave feeling refreshed and encouraged. But so far, we are receiving so much more and loving every word!
This Sunday's couple gave us some basic principles and then focused in on one hard area of parenting.
Basic principles:
1. The great commandment begins at home. We must love our closest neighbor, our spouse, well. "It is easy to love everybody, but to love somebody is hard."
2. Parenting is a form of the great commandment as well; it is up-close and personal neighbor loving and it is for life.
3. The ten commandments are a specific outworking of the more general law of love. (That is, maybe your child is great with the law of "loving your neighbor" or maybe your child is one of those that needs more specifics, like "Do not steal" and "Do not covet.")
And then on to a specific and difficult area of parenting.
The husband of this couple spoke about how we as parents must handle sex rightly with our children. He was especially calling dads to teach their sons that relationships are key. Without this, boys do not know where to put their physical feelings. Boys must be taught a protective, chivalrous role with their female siblings and female friends starting VERY EARLY so that they may not interpret sexual urges as urges to dominate the opposite sex.
Specifically for girls, he spoke of how their self-esteem is a HUGE issue related to sex. He said that he has read statistics that say that a lot of 12 and 13 year olds are already defining themselves by either the sex they have had or the sex they were rejected for. Ugh!
And lastly he encouraged us not to have just one "sex talk." We must talk about age-appropriate issues a little along as our children grow up. I agree so much with this! Teaching our children how to interpret and handle emotions, responsibility, relationships, and the difference between right and wrong, is all a part of their sex education! We can teach our children at a very young age that they belong to the Lord and everything they do and say reflects upon His Kingdom.


  1. Good stuff! Thanks for the reviews. =D

  2. I too agree that conversation should always be age appropriate. (if only public schools would keep this in mind)

  3. I agree that there should be lots of sex talks. Our kids are 14 and 16 and it has paid off big time. By the way, we have teenagers, they are alive, with all their appendages and they like us. You will be awesome.