Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am Reading

I am reading new fairy tales.
I love to read fairy tales, but it puts me in a mood, you know? When I get so engrossed, the rest of the world starts to seem a little unreal.
The ones I happen to be reading now are in an anthology called Once Upon a Time: Treasury of Modern Fairy Tales. It was written by modern folks and published in 1991. I very much recommend it.
When I get this way, I remember another book I read a while back that really just put into words what I've always felt about fiction. Has anyone out there read John Eldredge's Waking the Dead? And no, I haven't read any of his other books, and yes, I'm sure much of his theology is not quite right (isn't that the way with all of us?), but like I said, I feel like this book of his was dead on. (pun intended)
In Waking the Dead the thesis is put forth that we learn key Biblical truths by reading fiction. The three main truths are #1: There is more to life than what we see. #2: There is a great battle or journey going on. and #3: I have a part to play in that battle or journey.
Hoorah for fiction!
I know there are people out there that have pushed non-fiction and turn their noses up to fiction (my hubby's boss and Amy Carmichael come to mind) but I really believe that fiction has an inherent ability to teach soul level truths that non-fiction doesn't.
So here I am back again to those fairy tales. Maybe that's why reading them gets me in such an other-wordly mode. They reach me on a soul level. (And maybe I'm part fairy??)
Happy reading.
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  1. Great six words...I love fairy tales too...
    you could be part fairy, that would be AWESOME!

    Mine is here
    Happy Saturday!

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  2. great post,
    I love fairy tales 2,
    Happy Saturday!

  3. You should read Peter Leithart's Wise Words. It's a GREAT book that takes inspiration from the Proverbs.

  4. I couldn't agree more. It is often that truth is stranger than fiction, but imaginative stories have to work a little harder to connect to readers through universal truths and the beauty of the written word. I think that these connections are the magic of fiction and why it is so compelling.

    Despite reading a lot of books about nutrition, sustainability, foodways and politics, what I dearly love is to curl up with a fat novel. It is fiction that transports me smack dab into other people's worlds I would never otherwise visit. It is utterly captivating. When I want to know, non-fiction delivers. But for sheer delight, stories of someone's imagination satisfy like nothing else. Keep on reading!

  5. I don't even know how long it's been since I read a fairy tale... I should make a point of doing that one of these days!

  6. Fairy tales have always been my favorite thing to read. Well, that and Shel Silverstein...

  7. Fairy tales, huh? I was looking for something fun to read next... what a great idea!

  8. I agree that fiction can be very inspirational. I also think it is stupid when people put down reading fiction as a waste of time, when they watch tv, and go to movies, and play video games...yet they think that reading inspirational fiction is a waste of time...???? That's crazy! It is better than all of those things in my opinion...and I learn things all of the time...even from reading fiction.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits