Thursday, May 20, 2010

Esther and How God is Changing the World

I have a friend, let's say her name is Esther, and she is about to leave our community. She hasn't lived here long, but she's the kind of friend that it's easy to love. She challenges me and she livens every party and she's deep and she's a lot of fun. She's given me permission to share her story because it's one that every wife and momma needs to hear. It's a story that screams, "God is in control and His plan is good, so good!"
My friend Esther has lived many places in her life; she's accustomed to moving, but when she moved here, she loved it and was ready to stay. Our community needed a fun leader like she is. She sought out and was welcomed to a position at a near-by women's resource center, her kids loved their schools, and her hubby had a good job.
Esther's one thorn in life was that she couldn't have more babies, and though her three boys are wonderful and make her life full of love, she wanted a girl. Desperately. Her husband grew up in a family of three boys, however, and felt their family was complete and that adoption was not an option. After years of arguing about it, she felt the Holy Spirit whisper for her to leave it alone, and she obeyed.
Her heart continued to yearn for a little girl, and during a meeting with the wife of our pastor, she shared her heart and how hard it was to let it go with her husband. The pastor's wife counseled her, "Esther, you need to figure out your husband's main issue and fill your heart with prayer about that." Instead of trying so desperately to NOT think about adopting a baby girl, she should fill her mind with her husband's issue. This issue happened to be school debt. Esther took this advice to heart and got on her knees about this debt.
Two weeks later communication came from a job opportunity in the town where Esther's mom and sister live. This was the place where Esther's husband had done some work before and where he had most wanted to work when he finished school. At that time this place was not accepting any new applications. Now, though, they were begging Esther's husband to come, and offering him quite a bit more money than he was making here.
In talking this over with her husband, Esther realized this was a definite answer from God for her prayers that He would alleviate the stress of their school debt.
The next time Esther saw the pastor's wife, she (only half-way jokingly) said, "What have you done! God has answered this prayer, but it will take me away from my friends!" The pastor's wife immediately answered (without even a moment's thought--I was there, I heard her!) "Oh, Esther, this is how God is going to give you your baby girl!"
So Esther and her husband and their boys began to get ready to move. Esther said good-bye to her boy's schools, her work at the PRC, and began the difficult good-byes with her friends.
And then, three weeks before the move, her dear husband casually said one day, "Esther, I think after we get settled, we should definitely look for a good adoption agency and start the process."
Now her husband makes comments like, "When we eventually build our house, let's make sure we have a great nursery for our new baby." and "Don't throw away those kid dvd's; our baby will want to watch them someday!"
And that's not all, no that's not all.
This past week, Esther's sister has been tested for and most likely has lymphoma. Esther and her sister are so close that if a diagnosis like that came back, no matter how established she was in a community, she would be looking for a way to be in the same town as her sister. Instead of that, God worked everything out before the diagnosis, so that Esther could be with her sister through these difficult times.
Even this is not the end of the story. As Esther shares her story with other wives, and they begin to pray about their own husband's issues, big things are happening all over. This is not to say that if you do A, God will necessarily do B. He often answers in ways we would never choose or expect. But when we wives get on our knees in a humble, submissive way, the Kingdom work is accomplished in an incredible way.
Oh, isn't our God good! Isn't He magnificent, and aren't His ways so much bigger than our ways!
“ For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9
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  1. What a beautiful and uplifting story. God does indeed work in wonderful and mysterious ways, even despite our human cantankerousness and bumbling. Where would we be without Him? Certainly much worse off.