Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Ten for Kingdom Parenting

This week in SS we had another couple speaking on Kingdom Parenting. Again I say I have learned SO much in this series. I am so thankful for the couples who have come to speak.
I'll put this week's thoughts in ten points. (This is helping me organize my thoughts on what I've learned.)  Disclaimer: I definitely cannot condense what I have learned from this amazing couple into 10 "easy to follow" points. This is just a way for me to write them down.
1. Parents should beware of focusing too much on becoming good parents. Our real focus should be on becoming the people God intends us to be--on loving Him and our neighbor. This will naturally flow into our parenting.
2. Parenting is just a tool to further the goal of loving and being loved in our life.
3. Be real with your children. Allow them to see your struggles--be self-controlled but not fake.
4. Be very present in your life. Allow instances to transform.
5. In every situation (in life and in parenting) ask "What does love look like here? Who is God in this situation? Who am I here? Who are my children in this situation?
6. Recognize that God is weaving a tapestry with our lives that includes people and timing and His artwork is perfect!
7. Part of being real with your kids (see #3) is being vulnerable. In order for them to understand the Gospel, they must see that there is pain that is overcome by the grace of God.
8. Enjoy your home. Having a home that looks like a magazine is nice, but enjoying your children and using the space God has given you to nurture them is much more important.
9. Moms have the privilege of being a great encouragement to their children. Through our attitude and actions our children should hear, "I affirm you and I want to know you and love you."
10. Look for the good! There is ALWAYS good in every situation. "Our God is that big!"
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  1. Great points...there are so many who could benefit from reading and putting these into action!

  2. I love point #1! In one sense the truth of that point is more encompassing which would seem to be more overwhelming, but it's ironically more freeing!!!!

  3. I agree with Jonathon & Audra's comment.
    The little girl in your header is so cute I'm melting into a puddle here.
    Thanks for sharing your post and her with me.
    Waving at you from New York

  4. What excellent points!!! #10 is one I need to work on, seeing the good in all.