Thursday, April 1, 2010

Resurrection Sunday

As I look forward to celebrating Easter this Sunday, I am beginning to realize just how much this holiday means to us as Christians.
This is a time to remember--and oh, what we have to remember!
We think on the total sacrifice of Christ giving up His place with the Father, ripping Himself asunder to come to earth.
We think on the sacrifice of the Garden, how Christ battled with Satan and sweated blood for our sakes.
We think on the sacrifice of Golgotha, the cross that we Westerners cannot even fathom, the death that was the grossest form of pain and humiliation.
And, glorious morning! We think on the empty tomb, the meeting with Christ risen, and the joy of His resurrection.
But this coming Sunday is a celebration of much more than just remembering.
It is a forging anew of our own Resurrected living.
I don't mean that we need salvation again; what I mean is that we need redirection.
We need to remember that Resurrection is a way of life.
And this means Kingdom living. The same Kingdom that is made of little children.
The same Kingdom that is being fought for in all of Christendom--in African slums and Eastern house churches and business meeting rooms and homes and families all over the world.
This is the Kingdom! It is here! We are the Resurrected ones!
Let us live it this Easter season!
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  1. oh, YES!
    To live just this, this Easter season... your heart shines with Him!

    Thank you... your words ministered to me today....
    Every, every blessing....

    All's grace,

  2. What a wonderful post - and a reminder to focus on what REALLY matters. Blessings for a wonderful day!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. Who we are in Christ is so amazing!

  4. He is risen! And what hope we have for the day when our faith shall be sight. Come quickly . . . the Spirit and the Bride say come, Lord Jesus! Praying for His richest blessings on your family!

  5. Woo HOOOOO!!! Makes me want to dance.
    (BTW; I totally overslept Wednesday morning. Was the class fantastic??)

  6. this year we get to teach the little ones about the resurectin using resurection eggs