Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kingdom Parenting #1-10

Here are ten more things I learned from our pastor and his wife this Sunday about Kingdom Parenting:
(Maybe I haven't explained in a while but when I say "Kingdom" I mean the Kingdom of God. Kingdom Parenting is training up our children to live for God and do His work during their lives.)
#1. Kingdom Parenting requires the direct involvement of the Holy Spirit at all times!
#2. A Kingdom household lives before the eyes of God (not mom or grandmom or neighbors, etc) and lives by God's rules (not rules like, "Thou shalt not interfere with thy parents' schedules." EEEK! Very convicting!)
#3. In order to teach my children rightly about the Kingdom, I must handle my sin correctly. This means executing my own sin, cutting it off completely, and when I have offended them, this execution needs to be in front of them. That means I need to do more than just give them a casual "I'm sorry," or even worse (this is so totally me) a "I'm sorry, but..."
#4. Kingdom Parenting is about training my child's heart, not just their behavior. This is so key!
#5. Part of training my child's heart is discovering who my child is--searching out and encouraging their unique gifts.
#6. A Kingdom household should proclaim the Gospel in everything. (Do I give my kids the Gospel every time I discipline them? God gave Adam the Gospel--"the seed of woman will crush the seed of the serpent"--before He gave Adam his punishment in the garden!)
#7. Effective Kingdom discipline often begins with a question: "Where are you?" "What have you done?" (Also modeled by God after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden.)
#8. I would never verbally shout, "God is a liar and the Bible is untrue!" but if If I truly want to teach my children to build the Kingdom then I must prayerfully watch that my actions do not shout that either.
#9. Kingdom parents reflect the King-Prophet-Priest nature of God. As kings, parents must govern as Jesus governed--not necessarily uniformly--taking into account the unique personalities of each child. As prophets we must teach and rebuke. But as the child grows, we
must be willing to relinquish command and continue to counsel. As priests, we must intercede for our children!
#10. As Kingdom parents we commit to being discontent with merely polite, unbelieving children
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  1. I'm struck often with how much "parenting" is not about our children's behavior as it is about our own behavior/words/actions/(or lack thereof). While I was reading this, I kept thinking, oh, I'm gonna comment on this one, then I'd read the next # and think, oh, maybe this one, and it just went on and on. Good stuff.

  2. *whew* I want to do this same----it's the practicality that is hard!

  3. Love it! thank you so much for sharing :)

  4. Here's the link to Tuesday's Tip Jar. The one you posted took me to a "page not found." Thanks for participating in Tuesday's Tip Jar via Blog Mommas!