Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Attack of the Animals

Sorry "Wordless Wednesday" folks (see below) this picture just has to have the story with it! Over the weekend, a beautiful spring Robin began hanging out on our patio. After about a day of us enjoying him, he began to dive-bomb our large living room window. Yes, you heard right! DIVE-BOMB!
Not just once, not just twice...not just a million times. This bird banged into the window constantly for about a three hour stretch. Then the next day he didn't let those three hours confine him. He kept up his routine (fly to window, look in, bang beak or head, fly away) until it was too dark for him to see anymore.
What was our response? (warning: this does not end well for the bird) Well, at first we laughed. Then I thought, "Wow, I need to get a picture so I can blog about this crazy bird." After about hour 3 or so, we began to say things like, "WHEN is this bird going to learn that he can't get in?" or "MAYBE he'll knock himself out." Don't judge, please! You try sitting down to a nice tv show once the kids are in bed while a bird bangs on the window beside the tv. (knock, knock, knock...knock, knock, knock!) It's rough, believe me!
On day three of the demented bird saga, it occurred to us that this might be a little dangerous for our children. What if our one year old walked out right as this insane bird came whizzing out of the tree intent on banging his head on our window?
So my husband did the only kind and loving thing. He shot the bird with the BBs he usually reserves for the squirrels who are stealing our bird seed. He put the bird out of its misery, saved our children from injury, and saved my sanity!
Okay, now a little bonus to the story. The day after the passing of the bird, my husband tried to plug in the iron while he was watching the tv (yes, I'm a terrible wife; my hubby has to iron his own shirts!) and the power in that room went off. When the electrician came, he found what you see above under that room! A wire chewed completely through by mice. MICE! We went without tv or internet for a full 24 hours because of mice! Who knew! (Maybe they were friends of the bird...?)

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  1. Wow...that reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" but I'm not sure the Raven had any mice friends. What a week you've had...

  2. That would have driven me crazy! You must use Windex - you know making your windows so clean and clear that you can't tell there is a window there, LOL!

  3. That is too weird. Was it seeing it's reflection? Or trying to eat out a mouse?

    Yes we'd have had to do something to get it away from our home too.

  4. That is so CRAZY! How bizarre!

    Thanks for stopping by for WW. Sorry I'm visiting so late. Have a great weekend! :-)

  5. CRAZY! Maybe he wanted to come in and sit on the couch