Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to My Home

As I was vacuuming today, I was talking to myself in my head. Olivia #1: Why am I vacuuming again? Olivia #2: Because you like the house to look nice. Olivia #1: But no one else cares. Olivia #2: Remember this blog post? You could always blog about it. Plus you've been so jealous at how nice your friends' homes look on those realtor sites. (I'm brutally honest with myself sometimes.) Olivia #1: Great idea! I should have thought of that myself.
So here it is: the tour of our house. Welcome and enjoy your peep into each room. Notice that there are many corners and closets hidden. That's because there is junk piled everywhere you can't see. : )
You come in here...after you step over the dog, and hopefully she doesn't come in when I say, "Come in!" (Because I'm talking to you, not the dog.)
The first room to your left is the living room. It has had quite a few additions in the last year. This cabinet (on the far right) was a thrifty purchase to hide all our homeschool stuff. The piano was given to us by a friend this year as well. Besides the cabinet, nothing in the room was purchased by us! The chairs and couch are a hand-me-down from friends and the table was a wedding gift. Wow! It's nice to take stock and see how blessed we are.
Now turn around and you can see the dining room/homeschool room/everyday eating room/craft room. It looks a tad fancified now, but just picture all the crumbs under that table cloth and the broken crayons under the table and you'll get the real idea of the room.
Backtrack to the entryway and turn left to see our kitchen. On the wall to your right is the stove. You can see it in that post because it had just been cleaned. Please don't open it now. Most of the kitchen is original to our 1950s house. All of the cabinets are metal. It's very fun for the kids and magnets. And no, the floor hasn't ever seen a mop. Not since we moved in, anyway.
Now for our hallway of pictures-- All the divided frames on the left are of trips that our family has taken before and after marriage (and one of pics from our wedding). On the right side are the growing up pics of the kids. I don't have the latest ones up, but they are the ones we took at the beach and they'll be up as soon as I can re-size and re-order them from Snapfish. When I blew up the first set to 8 x 10, it cut off the kids' heads. Oops.
First door on the left is the kids' room. All the toys (except for some of the baby doll stuff) are in here, and the oldest two sleep in the bunk.
Next door on the left is the bathroom. When we first looked at this house, I had a sinking feeling when I saw the peach tile. Yes. PEACH. The walls were grey at that time. Changing them to a rich brown helped the peach a bit, I think.
At the end of the hallway is the youngest's room. I take particular pride in this room. It was decorated in sailboats for the boy when we first moved in, and I didn't want to repaint for a girl (or I didn't want to make my hubby repaint) so I decided to pair the blue walls with lots of pink. The curtains are actually shower curtains (Why pay $15 a panel for the curtains when you can pay $10 for a panel that can be cut and stitched by your mother?) I wish I had opened the curtains because there's a marvelous view of a big magnolia out that window, but oh, well. My mother is the wonderfulness behind that quilt, and I painted the big flower pics myself. The flowers hanging over the bed were a gift from my MIL and I love them. They are from Pottery Barn Kids party supplies. All told, the room redo cost me about $200. Sweet.
Come out of the youngest's room and turn to your left and you're in the "Master Suite." It sounds very impressive to call it that instead of just "Momma and Daddy's bedroom." The rugs and window treatments in this room were left by the previous owner (thank goodness!) and I love the peacefulness that this room conveys.
Our small (okay, tiny) bathroom. We are very thankful for it! I was also stymied by the tile color in here. It is kind of a yellow color and the walls were mint green when we moved in. We painted it white and added white accessories.
Now go all the way back through the house to behind the dining room and you'll find the family room. The couches and tables were our Christmas present and the tv cabinet in here is one that the hubby and I bought unfinished and stained the summer before we got married. This is our hanging out room and it's where I sit now to blog.
Thanks for coming over and I hope you come again!


  1. Thank you for sharing your home! It is beautiful!

  2. What a nice clean house!! I'm inspired!

  3. So fun! Thanks for sharing! I would love to do that but my house never looks so good all on one day!

  4. Look at your great house!! Thanks for sharing. I'm duly impressed by all of the homey little touches you did yourself.

  5. You have a lovely home. My favorite room is the family room!

  6. You have a beautiful home...thanks for the peek! And thanks for visting my site today too

  7. I love your fireplace and built ins! So homey!

  8. You have a beautiful home. Love the blue with pink contrast too. You definitely have an eye!

  9. I love the crown molding and the beautiful floors (good vacuuming, by the way ;) — your home has such character, and you've added wonderfully to it.