Monday, March 29, 2010

More on Easter

I'm still knee-deep in researching how our family can celebrate Easter this year and in the years to come. And of course, I'm sharing what I have found with you!
Christian Easter Crafts for Kids: This site describes itself as having "Christian Bible-based activities and Easter crafts for kids including Easter coloring pages, Easter recipes, Easter poems, background about Easter and the first Passover and more." I especially like the idea of beginning with Passover when explaining Easter to your children.
A Glorious Easter: This is a site full of Easter ideas! There are skits and puppet plays, devotions, object lessons, and crafts, coloring pages and banners, Easter puzzles and games, and more! I especially love these Easter Lilies which we are definitely going to make!
Easter Egg Bread: This bread just looks very fun to make! I'll be making this Easter Egg Bread this week along with the Resurrection Cookies.
I'll definitely be posting more as I find it!
Happy Easter!

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