Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love Jewelry

Lately I've found that I love jewelry. I love the fact that larger jewelry is back "in" and that I can be a little bit frivolous and fun with my accessories. I don't have much, but I've noticed myself gravitating toward the stands in the department stores and jewelry sites much more frequently. In fact, I love jewelry so much so that I am willing to shamelessly advertise for any jewelry company if they offer me free jewelry. There. I've admitted it.
The good part of this is, the jewelry at Chunky Bling is not as bad as the name implies. Really, it is quite beautiful. They have interchangeable watches where you can pick the watch face and the beads on the band. They also have the beautiful Swarovski Crystal Rings (pictured above).
Their prices are great--single strand chunky bead bracelets for as low as $8 and double strands (I love that white pearl one) for $15.
"Chunky" is not necessarily a word I would put with jewelry to imply beauty, but this chunky jewelry is beautiful!
While I'm being shameless, I might as well direct you to comment to win a great cereal gift pack here. And, what the hey, I can also admit that I'm blogging while my sweet 1 yo is awake from her nap and singing "Upa upa upa sky" at the top of her lungs while she waits for me to come get her. : )
Chunky Bling is offering a free ring to anyone who will blog about their site. So yes, they are sending me a free ring, but all the opinions in this blog are truly mine.


  1. It's amazing how these companies are jumping onto the blogging bandwagon! Looking forward to seeing your new ring! ;)

  2. haha... and happy TILT to you too :)
    thanks for visiting!