Friday, March 19, 2010

Homemade Cleaners and Farmer Boy

In February I visited three different Frugal Friday posts that talked about making homemade cleaners. Since I'm sitting here thinking about Spring cleaning, I thought it would be worth sharing those with you in one post. The only one I've tried so far is the foaming hand soap (that is wonderful in the kid bathroom because it's a lot harder for them to waste!)
And, in case you need a pick-me-up, think about how much less we have to do now than in Laura Ingalls Wilder times:
"Everything in the house was moved, everything was scrubbed and scoured and polished. All the curtains were down, all the feather-beds were outdoors, airing, all the blankets and quilts were washed. From dawn to dark Almanzo was running, pumping water, fetching wood, spreading clean straw on the scrubbed floors and then helping to stretch the carpets over it, and then tacking those edges down again." (And that's just one paragraph from the chapter on house cleaning in Farmer Boy!)
Happy Spring Cleaning! (Or Happy Spring Go-Outside-to-Avoid-Cleaning!)


  1. oh, thanks for the links! all this time I thought that i was just too lazy whenever I'd put water in the bottom of the nearly-emptied soap dispensers. now i know i was just being frugal! =D awesome links.

  2. I may try the foaming hand soap, I bet it works just as well. Don't you just love Laura Ingalls Wilder...we're reading A Long Winter right now...I love those books.

  3. I get tired just reading Laura Ingalls Wilder. Was a tough, tough life. I recently read a biography of her and found it fascinating, not just for the "behind the scenes" stuff but to find out what, strictly speaking, wasn't true in the books. Fascinating reading, but I'm happy to have a vacuum cleaner, indoor plumbing, and a short drive to the grocery store when I read them.