Monday, March 15, 2010

As Your Days, So Shall Your Strength Be

And of Asher he said:

“Asher is most blessed of sons;
Let him be favored by his brothers,
And let him dip his foot in oil.

Your sandals shall be iron and bronze;
As your days, so shall your strength be.

There is no one like the God of Jeshurun,
Who rides the heavens to help you,
And in His excellency on the clouds.

The eternal God is your refuge,
And underneath are the everlasting arms;
Deuteronomy 33:24-27a

This was the passage that our pastor used this Sunday for a charge before a baptism, and I was so caught by the beauty and meaning of the words that I almost missed seeing all the baby and sibling antics in the front.

"As your days, so shall your strength be." Is that not the most wonderful promise for me, a mom? Each day, God will provide me with the strength for that day. He will. He promised, and He never lies.

And then, as if that weren't enough, there is that beautiful "And underneath are the everlasting arms." Wow! What wonderful imagery, and even better, what wonderful truth! He is holding me! And when I need to escape to the bathroom to vent my frustration in the only room in our house with a lock, He is there holding me up with everlasting arms.

Today has been a good day. We had no issues during school time and some of my daughter's friends came over for a class we have royally named, "Castle School." There were no bad accidents, the baby participated meekly as well as she could, and the boy was also very cooperative. We talked about simple machines and did experiments and everyone had fun.

I say all of that to say this: some days I can't write as peacefully about God's strength in me or my security in God's refuge. Somedays I'm too in the middle of things, but I do believe that if I rehearse this truth today, when the going was comparatively easy, that just maybe the Holy Spirit will bring it to mind on the days when the going is not so easy.
And so my prayer for you all, whether a mom or not, is that as your days so would your strength be, and that you would know without a doubt the wonderful refuge of His everlasting arms.


  1. That is beautiful. I really admire you and how you share your faith on your blog. Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms and leaving us a comment. Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Thank you!! Wow, did I need that today (this week, this month, this year)!

    What a beautiful charge and blessing. {sigh} I can rest in the Everlasting Arms.