Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend Planner

I just read about this over at My Reason(s) to Blog and thought it was definitely worth passing on!
Just click here and you'll be taken to an archive of weekends. Click on a weekend and you'll find a plan!
Each weekend has activities and crafts, kid recipes, games, and suggested movies. You could do everything on the list for a special family weekend, or just pick and choose! This will be a great resource for chasing away boredom on the weekend OR during the week.
Be sure to comment to win the SAHM survival pack. will choose a winner tonight! See sidebar for details!
Fun weekend ideas for your family definitely qualifies for Finer Things Friday!
And, of course, getting free ideas for free crafts and activities is very Frugal Friday!


  1. what a cool site -- thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Thank you for linking up with Finer Things Friday! :) Katie

  3. Really cool site! I had to blog about it too & I linked to your site as well!