Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Dresses

In keeping with my Valentines theme, today I'm sharing a pic of a dress that my mom made for my girls (there's a little one just like this for the youngest). This is a super easy and super cute dress that anyone can make!
The shirt is a $2 deal from Wal-Mart and the skirt is a sale-rack teen skirt from the same store. Mom cut a little out of the width of the skirt and cut off the waist band. Then she sewed the skirt onto the shirt. Wow! She thought it still needed a little something, so she added a ribbon and a bow. She estimates the whole thing cost under $5! And from the smile on my oldest's face (and the fact that she insists on wearing this dress even though we have below freezing temps outside) you can tell that it is worth way more!


  1. what a neat idea!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog today

  2. Your mom is a woman after my own heart! I bet the three of us could get into some big trouble together.