Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Festivities

I'm linking up with Friend Makin' Monday because it fits right in with what I wanted write.
The questions for today are:
1) How did you spend your Valentine's Day? What did you get? What did you do?
2) A list of your top reasons/things that would have made it even better.
Well, as you all know, we had big plans for Valentines day. The first pic is my favorite photo display in our house. The small pic is of my hubby and me when we got engaged (9 years ago). I was at the beach babysitting for a family and he came to visit and perfectly popped the question on a sunrise walk (and we saw dolphins! It was so romantic!). The bigger pic is from this past summer on
the beach with our kiddos around our feet. We've taken the same pic several other times, and someday all these kissing pictures will probably have their own blurb book. : ) Anyway, I'm showing that pic because the hubby and I
went out the night before Valentines for a dinner (it was a great deal!) and then came home and rented My Life in Ruins with VOD. That too was very fun.
On Valentines morning, I decorated the table for the kids and they were THRILLED. They each got a little gift and we ate heart-shaped pancakes with M&Ms. Yum. And the fam had come up with a few surprises for me as well. My hubby bought me a Dyson Ball Vacuum for Valentines Day! I know
that may not sound very romantic to some of you, but it is a glorious gift! We've been living without a vacuum for a few weeks (since our old one gave out) and a vacuum of any kind would have been greatly appreciated. But a Dyson! Wow! I love it! And it sure beat the present I got him. (a t-shirt with a cow and a jug of milk--the cow is saying, "Milk, I am your father." And the milk is saying, "NOOOOOO!" I knew it would make him laugh.)
And my sweet oldest made me a few gifts when she went for a short visit with my mom. They are beautiful! All in all it was a wonderful day, and I really don't think I would change a thing!

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  1. love it! sounds like you had a wonderful valentine's weekend!!! <3