Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Around the Blogosphere

Isn't the internet a wonderful place? It certainly holds unlimited ideas for ways to spruce up your Valentines day. Here are a few I've run into:
(Most of these could be inexpensive/free Valentines gifts!)
Ways to Say I Love You--it gets the creative loving juices flowing!
Valentines Crossword Gift--great idea; I think I might try it for my hubby!
Free Valentines Music From iTunes--pretty good list and you can't beat free!
Put Your Child's Name in a Tune--free today and tomorrow
Flourless Chocolate Cake--ahem! Small group, take note! This would taste great for our Valentines dessert this Sunday!
Rice Krispie Kisses--use a funnel to shape them and wrap them with foil. Awesome!
Another Yummy Valentines Treat--this one looks beautiful but seems so easy!
Great Ideas for Celebrating --one of her ideas is to give seed packets instead of candy! how cool is that?!
Very Cute Homemade Valentines--hand painted, hand-written, and given with lots of love!
A Moment of Peace to Focus on God's Love--visiting Holy Experience is like slipping into a hot bath or sipping a glass of wine or having an hour to pray...know what I mean? It's peace.
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  1. Thanks for sharing all those great links!

  2. I also love Valentine's Day!! Thanks for sharing these links. Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

  3. This is an awesome list, thank you for including my link! Happy Valentine's Day!