Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Flowers

Last Valentines Day, the kids and I made flowers for our neighbor. We used red crepe paper streamer, rolled sections of it loosely, taped one end and pushed down and separated out the other end. Then we taped the flower to a popsicle stick and taped on a green leaf. It was SO simple, and the kids were able to do most of it themselves.
Some of the flowers were prettier than others, but grouped together in a jar, they made a very cheery display.
We just used items we had on hand already, so substitutions could make this even better. Green pipe cleaner for the stems would be nice, and I've also seen flowers like this made with regular tissue paper.
We put all the flowers in a jar, stuffed the jar with some pink tissue paper, tied on a red ribbon and took a little Valentines love to our neighbor! What projects are you doing this Valentines Day?


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you wrote about this. Guess who's in charge of the pre-k valentines day party? (How do I do this to myself?) THIS will be the perfect craft for them to do and then take home to their mommies and daddies!

  2. Wow....this paper flower looks awesome. Wish If you could share the procedure to create it.

  3. Bee-youtiful! (and I'm not talking spirulina!)

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