Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Story Cards to Nurture Your Child

I love these story cards! Or I would if we owned them (hint, hint to the grandparents!) What a wonderful idea they are! In each "Tell Me a Story" box there are 36 3.75" by 4.75" illustrated cards. There are tons of activities and games you can do with the cards, but the best ones include having your children choose a few cards and then you (or your child) tell a story to go along with the pictures you've chosen.
For instance, take the cards that are pictured here. Here's the idea: Once two eager squirrels ran into a wise owl. "Tell us a story!" they twittered. "Okay" hooted the owl. "There once was a lonely orphaned princess. Every night she would look up at the moon and pray for a mother to tuck her in and sing to her. Suddenly her fairy godmother appeared. She immediately assumed the fairy was there to tuck her in and sing to her. 'No dear,' said the godmother. 'I can't stay for that long.' The lonely princess began to cry. 'But dear, do you see that moon up there? There is a mother waiting for you there.' Then the fairy was gone and the princess found herself floating toward the moon. And sure enough there was a mother. The best kind of mother, too. One who hugged her long and lovingly and read her stories and sang her songs. The mother hugged her tightly and sailed back to her room with her. And they lived happily ever after." When the owls finished the eager squirrels were wiping their eyes. "I think we'll go find our mother now," they twittered. And off they ran.
See, with the cards, anything can be a story!
And to go along with that idea, here's a poem I've bee wanting to share. If you're in the right mood, you might need some tissues!
Nurture the Heart
by Edith S. Witmer
He came to my side with a question--
And in the clear, blue eyes I read
A message of far greater substance
Than the mere words that he said.
"Can I have a story?" he queried,
And deep in my spirit, I knew
That my son was asking for my time
My person-and for my heart too!
I laid down the sock I was mending,
And drew the lad into my arms.
"I like story time!" his voice ventured,
"It makes me feel cozy and warm!"
And in the warm glow of that moment,
Forgetting the things to be done,
I shared all the love of my spirit
And nurtured the heart of my son!
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  1. Great gift giving idea. I'll have to look these up come winter holidays! Thanks for the Tip!

  2. Oh my gosh, those would be so much fun! Totally on my list of must haves now!!

  3. oh, i love those! what a great idea for a creatively-challenged person like me! seems like they would be especially great for long car rides....
    I love the poem too. :)